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With the pandemic still in-progress, I wanted to give TTM collecting a shot, and am in need of some UK/Royal Mail stamps for SASE's. However since I'm US-based, the Royal Mail Shop doesn't ship here. This is a complete shot in the dark, but I was wondering if there were any UK-based members who'd be willing to help me out?

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Royal Mail Services will sell, on line with an account that you will have to open with them, UK stamps and offer services worldwide.

Oh cool, thanks for the help! That does work. I'd tried that site earlier, but I guess stamps with denominations are country-restricted? I kept getting this message:

So if I'm trying to get stamps for SASE to be sent from the UK to the US, what stamps should I buy - 1st Class? It looks like it's between £2.42 and £3.82 for a letter (or large letter) to the US, so then would I just divide that value by 76p, and put on the corresponding number of 1st Class stamps?

Sorry, this is all foreign to me. I rarely mail letters domestically, let alone internationally.

You need to determine closely what the weight of what you want to send to the UK and then use the conversion charts on the site, if you look around you will find it, to see what amount of UK stamps you will need and with a little bit of studying and examing , determine what stamps and number of those stamps to put in your cart and the site will automatically add their fee to send them to you and it all gets converted into US value which is charged to your credit or debit card.

Once you get to the home page you will find where you can create an account and before you will be able to do anything on the site you need to create an account.  Next you click onto the Sending mail logo on the home page and you will find this.

Once you find this you just follow the links and before you know if you will understand it.

Hi there ! You can purchase UK stamps on eBay. Shipping for these is terribly expensive, so if you are going to order them, I would recommend ordering more than what you need.  



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