Hi there all. First post. I am from Canada and have started to send pictures and letters out for signing. Up until; now I have been buying USA stamps and putting them on the reply envelope. Since it has been way too long to be able to travel to the US to pick up more I have been looking for a service where I can preprint postage here in Canada. I have tried the USPS and right now anyways the service gives me a notice of     We're sorry. An unexpected error has occurred. I won't be sending out many pictures so a paid service like stamps is way too expensive. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Postage, both going to and coming back from, can get expensive.  Especially if you are sending to a lot of different destinations and between countries.

I send for autographs lots of times and in every case for the reply postage here in the US they will not put pre-paid printed on the return envelopes.  They only will, and as was explained to me, can only apply actual postage stamps.

You should be able to order as many stamps as you want on USPS.com and have them delivered to your house.  You will have to register an account with them to be able to do that but I don'tsee any problem.

USPS won't send stamps out of the country,

We only ship orders to U.S. addresses. Please select a valid U.S. shipping address or create a new one.

I am looking to prepay return postage by printing a label here in Canada. Thanks for the quick reply!!

OK.  I had to search to find the correct answer for you but I can tell you it will seem complicated but it actually isn't.  But it is expensive.  Not a million dollars expensive but a dollar or two per stamp.

First of all you need, USPS Global Forever Stamps, to send from the US into Canada using US postage.

This is what they are.....  


Letter Postage to Canada


Sending envelopes and letters to addresses in Canada is easily the most cost-effective solution, particularly when you send your letters via the USPS.


International postage (for first-class postage) starts at $1.20, covering the postage costs for up to 3 ounces of mail to be delivered to any address in Canada. Delivery times are generally between five business days to 10 business days (or so).


Global First Class Forever Stamps (priced at $1.20 as of 2021) or three US First Class Forever Stamps will cover your postage to addresses in Canada as well.


Just remember that only the first 3 ounces of your mail are going to be covered with these basic postage fees. Every additional ounce above 3 ounces will require you to pony up an extra $0.49 (as of 2021) in postage, too.


You also want to make sure that the letters you are sending are tucked inside of “standard” envelopes. Nonstandard envelopes – even if they meet the weight limits mentioned above – may require you to pay even more for postage.


Envelopes that can’t be processed by a machine, for example, are going to require an extra $0.21 in postage (as of 2021).

Believe it or not you can buy them on Amazon.com  You can probably get a more up to date listing for them than the one in this link or maybe a better price but this is where you will need to go to to start to buy them.


Have you tried usps.com? You can order any kind of US stamps there. Not sure if they ship to Canada or the cost, but I assume they do.

An alternative is to scour ebay for discount postage.  These are stamps bought up by dealers from old collections. They will be denominated so you'll have to calculate the postage and put enough stamps to cover the rate, but if you are patient you can get them at 50-60% of face value. If you are lucky you can find a seller in Canada.

Avoid sheets/rolls of current stamps on ebay since they are often counterfeit.

Thanks for the info. Yes USPS doesn't ship to Canada.

As someone who is overseas as well, Joseph is correct in needing to use Global Forever stamps, 2 per C5 envelope and sizes below and more for A4 size and above.

Unfortunately, due to massive backlogs USPS are not shipping stamps or items for normal mail to many countries right now and have not done so since November so this may take months before things return to normal


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