Sent this LP out to John Schlitt former singer for the band Head East at the beginning of the month and it came back today signed almost as requested.

As you can see in the note he also sent back, which was not only in his hand but was signed as well, that he had a problem with his sharpie when he signed it and then went over it a second time.  Would that make it any more or less collectible with his note explaining that?  Anybody have an idea or not?

Schlitt is also a born again Christian and has a ministry which I donated a few dollars to help with the assurance of the LP not getting tossed into the trash pile that he made referrence to in his note.

Regardless, this album goes way way back with me and it has always been one of my aims to get it signed by him.

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Nice story and the value is higher to you due to your personal history. The market valze of it is next to nothing as only view people recall that band and if you find signed stuff it is 99% signed by him.

Yeah, I know.  It was very disappointing when I pulled it out of the shipping envelope and saw it.


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