Anybody know of any living notable basketball players that sign thru the mail?

I would like to get one to sign a mini-basketball that I have but don't want to send it to a player if there isn't a hope of it being signed or even sent back.

Any leads will be much appreciated.

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I have gotten back Louie Dampier, Dan Issel, Bob Cousy, Robert Parrish, Lenny Wilkens and Gail Goodrich within the past 6 months.  All with a pretty quick turnaround time expect for Parrish which took around  3 months, all with no fee.

Thanks.  I got to say that I am not very familiar with the names but after a google search I will probably know them like the back of my hand. 

When I send something thru the mail, if it comes back signed then I don't send it to any other afterwards trying to get more than one signature.  You never know if after having lucked out getting something signed then to lose it to a second celebrity that tosses it in his trash pile to be lost forever.

So far, Robert Parish is on my maybe to go to guy.

Brad, can you send me the address for Bob Cousy via message or here? I have a signed check but would love to get a 8X10 and share some thoughts in a short letter. 

Shaq and Dirk Nowitzki did for a while but I don't know if they still to at present. 

Thank you. 

I don't know about lately but a few years back word had it that Shaq's brother was the one signing for him TTM.

He was for a while and then Shaq started signing his own but I don't know if he still signs 



I've seen some Dirk and Shaq returns online within the past two weeks, both have been fairly consistent lately but typically take at least a few months to get a return. Although, Mike Bibby and Vince Carter have been very fast and consistent for a few months now with returns as fast as a couple of weeks to a month. 

I have only one mini-basketball and I know I will only have one shot at one player to get it signed and returned so I need to make the best choice that I can from the now growing list of possible players.

So far one of the players I just don't think it's a safe bet as to whether the signature would be authentic or not, there a couple of players that I think are just too darn old and there might be problems with them.  I am liking 2 of the players, they are middle-aged and both are HOF'ers or are very high in the possible HOF category which would make getting the signature more desirable.

That doesn't mean that a photo or some other basketball memorabilia for the others are out of the question.  Just that my prize, the mini-ball, gets a one time shot and I have to determine who would be best.

I'd like to thank all of you again for the possibilities.  Just a few hours ago I had little to no knowledge of who there might be for what I want to do.

al kaline is 10 per cards

do you have any of the ttm sites??
I use startiger and have gotten over 1k cards

dirk is always a good ttm...have gotten him a few times

as something l learned 'the hard way' not to send something you don't mind losing 

WILLIS REED...176 Three Ponds RD Ruston, LA 71270-1442

PAU GASOL... 415 S Front St, APT 120 Memphis, TN 38103-6404 



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