Anyone seen what this........thing is up to for bids?  North of $900 so far....


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I'm feeling that forgery vibe

I don't think I like that!

I believe this is from Coach’s Corner(!).

Not sure my tag above was effective. Ebay link:

Thats purty ink for being close to 50 yrs old! 

If it were actually real, the bidding would be much, much, much higher.

Some poor sap is going to learn it the hard way, unfortunately.

Hopefully the baseball guys take a look at this sellers items 

His Ebay Dimaggio negative feedback is bc the item failed (all 3 sigs) 3rd party JSA authentication.

Ya man

He's got some pretty baad stuff

And some poor bugger is gonna lose large on that Morrison and think they got a great deal.

That ink barely looks like it's dried yet 

Totally. The ink alone is enough to debunk this one. Nevermind the sig traits, price, etc.

Here's another one from jjcollector123. How many does he have? While the signatures look very similar, this one sold for "only" $485. Can you imagine what an authentic Morrison-signed debut album would be worth?


I would call that samey

Probably same hand and something to watch for

So many non Morrison traits

And thx to Ballroom and Jack... I've learned so much

Garbage. Going to be $ down the drain. If it were authentic, a Morrison signed debut album would fetch north of $20k+.



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