Hi. I think it's a good idea to post all Doors- related items being put for sale (whether here or eBay) in a discussion. Share all the Doors items being sold as of now.

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The only authentic/valuable items currently for sale that i know of are these:

This 69' copy of "Ode to L.A. While Thinking of Brian Jones, Deceased" offered by Adrian Harrington Rare Books for $3,200.- One of four privately published works done personally by Jim. Extremely rare.

This 67' signed while on stage for $12,500.-  

This signed with inscription copy of TLATNC which varies between $37,500.- to $26,000.- I've seen it as low as $17,500.- Nevertheless it's ridiculously way over priced as are the other items.

And of course The Paris Journal for a cool $100,000.- but have seen it been offered for $72,000.-


Here's a Morrison "signature" that was previously discussed here and has been relisted on eBay for $2,500 OBO. I agree with the previous opinions and don't believe that it's authentic. It's nicely done though.



Any coa's with that?

William Linehan Autographs.

I recall seeing a group-signed photo somewhere for 25k actually.

Anyone know where it is?

I believe Kerry from The Doors Collectors Magazine was also selling this for $25,000.- recently which is nuts. I'm not sure but think he was asking even a little more than $25k but could be wrong. Is this the piece you were referring to G01ch?

Yes, that is it Jack. Thanks for the send. What would you value it at though? I would say 12,000 is what it's worth.

I stand corrected, The Doors Collectors Magazine is currently selling it for $30,000.- which is ridiculous to say the least. It was a promotional photo taken by Elektra Records given to Manny's Music Record Store in NYC. It originally sold through RR Auctions in Nov. 15' for $15,250.- It reads "To Manny's Music with thanks, Ray, John, Robby, Jim. The photo is in fairly poor condition and the first name only sigs are very faded. I can think of several other Doors items i'd rather have for that kind of money. It still is signed by all 4 Doors, which is rare in itself. I wouldn't pay more than $7,000.- for it.


Hey Pauly,this beat up photo with only faded first names went for $15,250.- at RR. So I think $20k to $25k is about right for Patrick's item and you are getting beautiful bold sigs and a full name signed "Jim Morrison" .

So how 'bout this Beatles All My Loving 45 with Jim initialing the record. It was found in a box from Jim's home in Laurel Canyon with several other records also with the JM initials. Seller wants $20K for it.The seller shows how the JM on the record matches the JM on these fake L.A. Woman handwritten lyrics in his ebay description.

This one came up for sale today on ebay. Rubbish...



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