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Hi. I think it's a good idea to post all Doors- related items being put for sale (whether here or eBay) in a discussion. Share all the Doors items being sold as of now.

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Search autograph of Jim MORIISON: I wish I bought an authentic autograph of Jim Morrison. Who is reliable please? Thank you so much.

Morrison signatures that aren’t being flipped at high asking prices don’t turn up very often. Finding a reasonably priced example is more a matter of watching for one to become available somewhere rather than choosing a reliable source.

eBay item #264310810450

Has anything similar to this emerged from the market? Uncertain about its authenticity but it does seem quite interesting...

Hey guys I’m kinda new to this but I’ve come across this vintage doors album autographed by all 4 members . The one thing that’s off to me is that the album was released in April which at that time Jim Morrison was in Paris and also died 2 months later. Do you guy thing this would be possible for Jim to have autographed this album . Trying to figure out if I got ripped off.

Sorry, it's not authentic in my opinion.

Jim Morrison signed receipt: https://recordmecca.com/products-page/museum-quality-collectibles/j...

Probably gonna sell quickly.

Wow, that’s a one of a kind item. It’s incredible that it survived.


Great item. That quarter of a million-dollar price tag, however...



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