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Let's say you buy a Jim Morrison signed book and then piece together the other 3 The Doors members in the same book, would it be worth more money? It's an hypothetical question. 

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Not if you "piece" together, but if the other Doors SIGNED said book -- yes.

Alter the book?

Yes. Just like graphers do these days to guitars and anything else to make a set.

Which book?

Alter a book that Morrison has signed and get a page the other 3 members have signed and combine them together to make a set

It might be something for others, but you lost me at "Alter a book that Morrison has signed..."I could never. The result, to me, would be pastiche, like that "Beatles" guitar with the mismatched guard signed in 2 different millenniums was it(?) that failed to sell IIRC. Possible/potential financials aside, there is more lost here than created IMO.

I guess it only works if you have pieces of paper of the same era to make a set of something eg 64 The Beatles.

There is something for everyone. An assembled set of vintage Beatles sigs can be enjoyed as much as a vintage Set on one page costing a good bit more. Eye of the beholder and personal criteria make this an enjoyable hobby :)

Dealers assembled sets together all the time and collectors but dealers do too make more money on s sale 

Most of the books that Morrison signed consist of copies of his privately published poetry books and The Lords and the New Creatures. You wouldn’t want to alter any of those because they’re valuable unsigned.



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