Hello everyone! Steve authorized me to post this.

My best friend Denise and I went to London in early 1967 as a gift from our parents for our 15th birthdays. We are both born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

We were lucky enough to see The Beatles many, many times and get their autographs not only for ourselves (more than one...) but for our friends back home and pen-pals all over the world. Denise got this autograph for our friend Regina.

We got several George autographs for her, some with her name and even a small note.  Some time ago she told me she would like to sell this one. Since she doesn't speak English or has a PayPal account, I am doing it on her behalf.

Steve made a post just over a year ago asking your opinion on how much it should be worth, and I read the answers. I have finally gotten an OK from my friend to sell it. Here is the link:

I got estimates of up to $1,500 and I need to get my friend as much as possible but fair for both buyer and seller. Steve has the autograph and Roger's LOA. You can pay him by PayPal so you have full buyer protection and he will ship it to you right away!

It's a thin piece of paper, from a notebook, it has a hole on the right side, it measures approximately 8x 12 cm: about 4.75 x 3.25 inches

The date, location and time are stated on the page: EMI Studios, January 12, 1967, 10:30 p.m.

All our autographs were obtained directly by one of us handing one of the boys a pen and seeing them sign. I actually had a box full of pens that had been used by one of The Beatles. Can you believe many, many years ago I threw them away?

Regards from Rio de Janeiro!


Note: LOA is included as an attachment

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Go George 67!

Just a note to let you all know the autograph has been sold. 

Happy to hear that Lizzie.  I'm sure the buyer got a great deal.

He bought it for US$1,000.-

From what I read here last year and other sources, I believe it was a fair price.

I also sent him a high res scan of one of the photos in my book, of George in 1967 leaving EMI Studios where he is wearing a necklace that my friend Regina, who owned the autograph, sent him and I gave to him the day I took the photo. He wore it on Magical Mystery Tour.

I think it will look really nice when he frames it with the autograph.

Take care!




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