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Hi all,

Could you please give me your opinion on this signed item.

Thank You.


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Kamran once talked about certain "Madonna" autographs that were be recognized by the hobby including major auction houses and TPA services. He didn't have a name although knew it was a person living in the US. I believe the OP is very similar to that style.

And what I mean by recognized is that some were passing authentication.

Thanks Joe.

Off to bed ... Nite Night.

Here is a link to the company who authenticated the item and issued the item with a COA. It also has sticker with the following PSA 3585 of which I cannot find any link to.


Thanks Mike

Haven't heard of this company before. Personally, I am convinced this is not authentic.

Joe W, 

Been looking at some of the ones that Kamran has commented on, and to me the one I posted looks to fluent in it's flow.  Hope Kamran will see this and give a opinion so I can return if it's not genuine. 

Thanks All.

Hi  this is not in Madonna's hand..

Thanks for your input, Kamran.  It's valued and appreciated.

Thanks Kamran for your valued opinion and a big thank you to Joe W for your help.

Thanks to all of you.

Regards Mike

Mike...no worries mate..and thanks Joes for the heads up!!!!

Hi all,

Thought that keeping you updated on this is appropriate. I have contacted the seller giving my reasons for a refund and kindly offering advice that this item should not be offered for sale after it's return.

Thanks for all your help and assistance.

Regards Michael

We are are pleased to know this is working out for you. Keep looking. She is worth the effort!


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