Dear all,

i have a question about autograph of Michael Jackson. I‘m not sure is one of this fake or real? Can anybody help me please? Thank you.

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I think the third Earth Song one is definitely fake, the M looks dodgy. I'm leaning towards fake for the others, but let the more experienced members give you a better judgment. 


The top one looks real at first glance but you can tell from the heavy stops and starts that it's likely not real.

Thanks Steve, the guy bought it 2003 in Germany from another fan. 

And what do you mean to the 2. one ( picture with his kids). That was from julians auction.

I meant juliens auction:-)

That's too dark for me to give an opinion on.

I'm not comfortable with the third one in your original post either but I need to compare it to exists like exemplars to give an opinion on.

I copied the link from ebay, maybe there are better pictures of this item

Today i found new items in Ebay and is really confusing for beginners to identify it is fake or not:( but i’m trying to learn.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

The first two were not signed by Michael Jackson in my opinion.

The third one is much closer. I need a larger, clearer image to give you an opinion.

Its not clearly in ebay, so it think it is fake:(

Again with these it's common sense for new fans collecting MJ autos, think about how hard it was to be in the same space as him and how hard it would be to get an autograph from him, thats why 95 percent of the autos on ebay are FAKE, people don't just have printed pictures of him on the off chance he turns up and signs it, if i was sending a new collector in the right direction of anything official where you can't get burned then google or ebay 'mj artist of the decade award' these are official signed by MJ ( he signed a 1000 of these) , 

think about factors like the ink turning from blue to to shades of green or red turning pink on some items, these items are probably real depending on the auto, think of the timescale when mj signed it? he signed differently all through his life



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