She has turned me down in the past.  Just wondering if she is signing at all these day?

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I got permission to photograph bonnie backstage a few years ago, she most likely is concerned you'll make a few bucks...who is your contact? tell them it's just for your personal collection and not for sale, good luck.

Thnx.  I have no contact.  I have tried myself about 4 times in the past at various talk shows in NYC.  Once she was even with her father who willingly signed.  I tried telling her it was for me alone.  Didnt seem to matter. 

contact her record company, ask for publicity, and beg.

there is a slim chance...if you can come up with a good pitch.

is there a meet&greet?...if all else fails, tell them she owes you 10 bucks!

I really have no idea.  I just know she will be around soon.

All you can do is ask.miss Raitt,do you have timefor a photo with me?do it that way first if she says no.don't take
T personally.





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