I know she is tough.  Anyone ever get her?  What are the opinions on this?

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Here is one that I recently got in person here in NC. Looks close.. :)


i photographed Johnny winter the night before i shot bonnie and asked him if he had any message he'd like me to pass along to her. he said tell her she owes me 20 dollars. i did what i was told. she had no reaction 'cept to look me in the eye and say, 'i don't owe him $20... yeah, she can be tough!

i said he probably was joking, suddenly it seemed rather warm in the room. glad i took all my pics before i gave her the message. wow!!

how was she with you? ...my attached image is in the rock n roll hall of fame. 


The album I originally posted is an old R&R 90's auction item, but in the days before Roger Epperson authenticated for them.  So I wanted it checked.  Thanks

I wish I could tell you how many times I go into a Memorabilia Shop and find perfectly signed, wonderfully framed fake autographs! Of 

all the artists I know and have promoted for years! Its a real racket, nobody should buy these things! Just get a nice photo, frame it and look at the genius without pretense that he signed something for you! Its a lot cheaper! Or, buy from someone who is well known, and doesn't want to sell his auto's, just like he didn't want them signed in the first place. People in the industry don't usually go around embarrassing themselves asking for autographs from people they work with! And they should never be worth the large dollars asked! Mail the Artist and they will usually sign them when they are off road! Or have someone do it. Even Concert Promoters get contracts signed by some artists rep, wife or agent. They don't try to find and mail the artist contracts on the road. It would take to much time! (usually, not always)

It looks fake, I looked at all of mine, and I am a bud of her's, she was at my place for yrs! The T is wrong and the R

She lived with you for years?  I dont understand your post.

No, came to my shows in L.A. and spent hours in my office drinking crystal champagne! Played on many "save the" charity concerts!

I see.  So you are saying R&R has sold me a fake.  Is there anyone from R&R on this site who can backup this autograph?




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