I feel for educational reasons that it can be beneficial for autograph collectors and dealers, if Third Party Authenticators could share some of their submissions with the public. I think that this may be the best thing to help the relationship between the whole autograph community and professional autograph authentication companies.
P.A.A.S. would like to start to share some important findings and information with autograph collectors and professional autograph dealers. I invite the other known professional autograph authenticators to also share their knowledge, findings and stories. This communication could open many new doors as well as help rid the hobby of much of the fraud and corruption.

I have just received these autographs for examination and authentication
from Paul Lichter's private Elvis Presley Collection.

Paul Lichter is an authority on the subject of Elvis Presley. He attended over 850 of his concerts, has written 16 best-selling books on Elvis which have sold over 20 million copies, and has made guest appearances on hundreds of TV shows. Colonel Parker was made honorary Godfather to Paul's son, Tristan Elvis.

Paul founded the Elvis Unique Record Club in 1970. It is one of the largest mail order businesses in the world and the only such organization ever licensed by the Estate of Elvis Presley. The Elvis Unique Record Club has sold everything from Elvis' first Sun record to his latest CD.

** Michael Frost can be contacted at specialagent711@aol.com **

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These are educational in the sense that they're all forgeries and Paul Lichter is a known liar, right?

Any true Elvis collector knows all about Paul Lichter.   Oh yeah, these are all bad.

I didn't get the original post and was wondering why the sigs looked so shaky and drawn. Now I get it. LOL
Why would any true Elvis collector know about Paul Lichter, Steve?

Yes Steve.  Any serious Elvis collector knows all about Lichter since the 70's.  He has been known to sell fake Suns, repros of RCA collectibles, etc.  Yeah he is well known and always calls himself Elvis' friend (tho I have never seen a picture of them together excpet his own drawing!)  Stay away!

Mr. Viola is right, except the deception on the part of Lichter is even worse. He never spent so much as one minute in a room with Elvis or was spoken to by Elvis. Lichter is the type of guy who has a lot of fabricated stories to tell you when you're buying his material, then once you have it and want to talk to him about authenticity or something - he falls off the face of the earth.


You could say nearly the same thing about this bear. Earl Greenwood has been saying he's Elvis' cousin since even before his death. He had a book Elvis: Top Secret - and has sold a hell of a lot of items purportedly owned by Elvis like that bear. EPE has said that Greenwood wasn't a cousin, but just some guy who hung out by the Graceland gates like a lot of other people.

This is just funny.... That second "certificate" should be authentication of the photo below that???? How can be a photograph with concert suit used in 1972 (and only 1972) be signed in 1970??? Really crazy.

well here is a real Fake by a sec on elvis mostlikely 1950's era but i have been to NYC and where the theatere use to be is now a hardrock cafe.


notice the s and the P are joined as one stroke of the pen

while there is no doubt that this signature is not authentic, the s and P being joined as one stroke is actually very common in authentic Elvis signatures.

All these are autopen signature. My opinion.



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