Here is a signed photo from the Killer.  This was signed in NY the past December 2015. The person has a video of Mr. Lee signing it - so I have no question that it is real.   Great example of a recent signature of the killer!


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And your point...?

My point is.. on both of the other confusing, hard to follow,  threads people were asking for a recent in person example of Jerry Lee Lewis.  And here is it.  I didn't want it to get lost in all that muck.

Thats it..  Its simply for reference. 


Thank you Mark.

and the stalkers have already responded.

Thanks for sharing, Mark. Great image and I like the larger format photo. Is this an 11X14?

Nice - I wonder how he got it.  He is very tough in person from what I hear now.

This was gotten in NY recently.  HOW is was able to get Jerry to stop and open the door - I have no clue.  


I posted this image because Autograph Live is about information and helping others. I know the rats will get it and draw circles on it etc.. and see the magic unicorn inside it, etc.  

I wanted to share this with Autograph Live members because that is what this group is all about -helping others in a RESPECTFUL way and information.  


absolutely Mark.  thank you for posting this.  it is another great point for comparison, and for those that choose so to draw their own conclusions.

One of the things I find very strange about the books (I believe Ballroom put together a nice collage of 26 of the book signatures in the other thread) is that 70% of the "y" descenders fall below those of the "J" descenders.  70%.

If you look at authentic JLL signatures, I would estimate (yes, estimate) that at least 80% of them have the descenders either equal or the "J" extends further down than the the 'y".  

The shape of the tail of the Y is a good characteristic, too. Most of JLL's tend to have a downstroke and an upstroke, with the downstroke at least slightly convex to the right. Most of the ones a lot of us think are by Whitten that we've seen in the books don't have an upstroke and the downstroke is straight or slightly convex to the left.

that is also true, Steve



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