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I'll start. "Autographs America" at :http://www.autographsamerica.com/index.asp
See if you can find a worse example of obvious fake signed albums, guitars or drumheads.
I defy you :-)

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Inferis Memorabilia from Spain


Look at their music section! But I suppose it´s not music alone...

Used to be very big on ebay. I think they got expelled...but way too late. They had already fooled thousands of buyers.
pull up the criminal record of the owner of this company on google and then it will all fit in place. for a long time this has been the easiest crime to get away with but soon it will all change. it's a new world and this kind of stuff will be stopped. the general public is just not educated on this kind of crime yet. look at American Royal Arts and autographcentral.net. they are stealing money from innocent people every day.
Forever Legends, AutographCentral.net, Myron Ross, ARA, Irockandroll.com the list grows and grows.
Let's not forget rockingems.com, neautographs.com, and rockstargallery.net. When will the madness end?
One site that began on EBay and now has apparently grown by leaps and bounds is AACS Autographs. Some of the items they carry match the signatures that I have on items I have purchased from legit dealers or have gotten in-person, but many look nothing like the real thing. Does anyone have any information on this company, or does anyone share my doubts?
> I would like to point out that "expert" authenticators can be wrong and that these posts are opinions only. As you know, unless an autograph is "eye-witnessed," it can never be verified either way. Signatures can vary based on how, when, or where it was signed and under what conditions.
> For example, I have been collecting signed artwork for 25 years and have a degree in fine art. Yet I cannot be 100% sure all the time as to a signed print and whether it is real.
> Websites that appear fraudulent are the result of comparing their items with known exemplars, but there are exceptions to any rule. This is an effort to steer buyers away from those selling "possible" fakes and toward more likely legitimate sites. As always, the buyer can and should make thier own educated decisions.
Autograph magazine and Roger Epperson just helped a guy get a $20,000+ VISA credit from Autographs America and we're trying to help him get his money back from another dealer, too.

I agree, Jeffrey--I don't recall when I've seen a large seller with so many autographs less likely to be genuine.
Well Steve, earlier this year I helped a lady get back $350 from neautographs.com when they would not reply to her emails asking for a refund. I had written an article about them and other fake sites. She read it and contacted me. I suggested she inundate them with 100's of emails daily and it worked. She clogged up their system so badly that they finally just gave her a PayPal credit and never he asked for the signed LP album back. So much for what that must have been worth. The point is, persistence pays off, especially when your money is at stake and you know you've been taken.
I lost $1750 to autographs america. I ordered from them then cancelled the next business day before the package was ever sent, out which is clearly stated in their term of agreements is the only way to get a refund. I never received anything from them, nothing at all. I called and sent emails like carzy even filed a complaint with the better business burea. I have never heard anything about getting my cash back. If there is any way that anyone can help me I would be so grateful.
How long ago was it that you paid and how did you pay?
If it was less than 60 days ago and you paid with your credit card, you can always file a complain with your credit card company.
Vincent, Bjarne is right. Autographs America is another major problem child. They've probably sold more music forgeries than anyone, but they sell them so cheap that others probably sold more in dollar volume.

I'd love to get a refund from Mike Munns on the fakes he sold me and then refused to issue refunds on his "Lifetime Certs".  McCartney, Farve, and a couple others.


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