Last night here in Auckland, New Zealand I went to the "Shatner Downunder" talking tour in a theatre here.

I didn't know he just doesn't do the signing of merchandise thing anymore. There was the VERY expensive option of buying a VIP ticket, around $385 which I didn't do, wasn't even sure what it was. I found out at the end of the night.

As some of you know on here I am trying to authenticate a signed cast photo which includes Shatner's autograph.

I mostly enjoyed the show, funny anecdotes, dramatic episodes in his life, interspersed with relevant video clips. He did tell a rather horrible story about a horse he owned, I still don't get the point of that one. So depressingly sad the way he treated that horse. Anyway.

Before the show started, a guitar duo played gentle classic/latin type music, I knew one of the musicians, since that's how I earn a living as well, and it's a very small industry.

End of the night everyone was leaving and the VIP seat holders were told to stay.

I haven't been an autograph hound for about 30 years - ha ha. I casually walked into the VIP area along with others returning from the rest room. Things have changed and aren't as friendly as they used to be. Fair enough though I suppose, those people paid big bucks and they were getting goodie bags. I explained I wasn't interested in any of that, just 5 seconds of his time. Yeh, that didn't wash, got swiftly led out.

Then I went to the merch area for the support act and I wound up talking to the musician that I knew. They were selling their CD. This chap's name is Jol and I showed him the cast photo I had with me, realizing I didn't have a chance of actually encountering Mr Shatner. At this point, it was all over.

He glanced at the photo and said "that is his signature, I see him signing all the time" - Jol has been on tour throughout the Pacific region with him and has a couple more dates to go. However, he is a musician, not an auto expert. Still he had not a shred of doubt. I felt a bit awkward, said goodbye and left.

As I went around the back of the building to go to the carpark there was a well lit glass box room on the back of the building and in there waiting with about five people was Will Shatner.  So I went towards it and he exited just as I got there, on his own, carrying bags. So I approached him and asked him could he please look at something to authenticate his own signature. I knew I didn't have a chance, from his body language, but was already committed.

End of a not very interesting or productive story was, he didn't even look directly at me, never mind the photo and said "I'm not doing that". So he just went on his way to a car and I ducked off. Boy do I feel silly. 

Anyway, last resort. Who do I pay to authenticate this cast photo, or not. Otherwise I am going to sell it for an extremely low fee on Ebay $1 reserve, as I am kind of off Shatner and the whole thing.

I am absolutely convinced it is authentic and I don't mind spending money on getting it authenticated, but who does this that has the solid reputation as an authentication house?

I am also going to sell all my other autographs, most are signed personally to me. I have Kate Bush, Diana Dors, Joni Mitchell and her touring band (great musicians), Cold Chisel (Australian rock band), Little River Band (Australian) The Pretenders, original lineup, (two of them died within six months). I'm just going to keep my Marilyn Monroe.

If anyone is interested, let me know. All were signed in person to me, in front of me.

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Sorry to hear your plan didn't work out.

Can you share the photo again?

Yes, please show the photo.

PS - Also sorry it did not work out. FWIW, meeting "Captain Kirk" is awesome, but having met Bill Shatner a few times you really did not miss out on all that much in my opinion ;)

I recently communicated with an actor who worked with Shatner on a TV show in the 60s. Pre-Star Trek days. The actor said that Shatner had a HUGE ego and was insufferable before he was big. Can't imagine it got any better with fame

I agree. Although he has contributed much as an entertainer, I liked him a little less after the show, not that was I hugely into him before, just a relic from childhood, kind of interest. I bought this item to help someone out that needed money, who I don't think was scamming me. I had all good dealings with the person. I took a chance.

I need to take better, new photos of this item. But in the meantime.

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This is not my area of expertise, but I do have some knowledge of these signatures. The Doohan, Koenig and Kelly look fine.

I am leaning ok on the Shatner. Not sure what is going on with the Nimoy. The personalization is in a different pen from a different time so it seems.

Hopefully others can weigh in.

Thanks Steve. I think the pen was running out with Nimoy, so was changed. I have looked at Nimoy's printing where he does tend to not write dedications in script and it looks very similar to other examples.

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If the pen was running out and was changed shouldn't the signature get better? 

In my experience having dedications to autos makes them slightly less valuable and on my own Monroe one, Warmest Regards was removed unfortunately.

I tend to think forgers do not want to expose themselves by additional writing or make something less valuable by putting them To Someone in particular. Great if your name is Scott on this one! :-)

It looks like the same pen signed Majel Barrett and the To Scott before Leonard Nimoy. So it would appear he signed his name first with a dodgy pen. Sorry I hadn't looked at the picture recently.

Thanks for any advice, opinion or feedback on this at all. This item is definitely in my Out Box.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

My first reaction is the Shatner and Nimoy are not good. Steve?

Shatner looks like some 1978-1989 sigs but a bit odd - I am not that comfortable. The Nimoy obviously appears strange.

Doohan look fine. Kelley a bit angular. Remember, I know these folks in vintage form much better.

The cast photo is from the second or third season, it can't have been before because Grace Whitney was not pictured, having been ousted for the blonde that was married to Gene Roddenberry.

The other rumour is this could be possibly signed as late as 1979, but not sure why it would be on a late 60s photo? This is based a bit of hearsay that it was signed to Scott Whitney, son of Grace, when he had a bit part as an adult (he had a bit part as a child too) and that was 1979 in Star Trek The Motion Picture.



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