While I may not be new to getting autographs in person, I am when it comes to what are the best pens and markers. This is especially true when it comes to silver. This all came about after I wanted to get a particular Rory Mcilroy photo signed in silver. I wanted it to be perfect and something that I wouldn't need to prep for a few minutes.

After a search around the message boards I kept seeing Deco, Infinity, and Sharpie as the best choices. I didn't like how the Deco and Infinity performed, so I went with the Sharpie and it turned out horrible on my photo. The signature is starting to come off due to it being high gloss (I wasn't aware that this would happen, obviously).

So I stumbled onto a video from an Upper Deck signing and paid close attention to what they were using. After taking a screenshot and blowing the image up, I had my answer. It was a Uni Paint Medium Line silver marker. I quickly ordered one. After testing it, it's by far the best looking and almost no prep needed. Now for some comparison pics (first one natural light and the other in low light).

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interesting. I will have to order 1 and look and try myself. I have switched to the Gold/Copper ones from sharpie and even Dale Jr who signed a diecast from the first pocono race that he won this yr and compared to 2 Juan pablo cars i got signed at the July Indy race at pocono you could tell the silver pens SUCK. I will switch over to either gold/copper for the diecast and maybe a blue/red sharpie for photo's seems like to me the silver sharpie didn't do to well I thought but i guess its also how long they sit on the shelf too and also how you store them makes a difference. maybe another question though. does it smell really bad or not. Don't want the drivers to get HIGH off of them. Just a concern of mine. did it take long for the ink to dry or not? did you try the smear test like once the person signed it try and keep it from getting smeared by a hand print or object.

Since it is a paint pen, it does have the typically smell that will give you a headache. It also dries very quickly and tested it a couple times. I found that after 20 seconds that it wouldn't smear. However, I'd give a good minute to be safe. This test was done on a photo, so the diecast may act differently. After checking out this pen you'll want to switch back to silver.

I saw some for sale on ebay and I'm on the fence. I will have to think about it somemore since it sounds like it might be more of a problem unless its a sit down kind of autograph and not a walking with the driver type I get some times. Thats good that it didn't smear after a  short time. if I order 1 will have to try and see what results I get

Do you have to prime the Uni paint pen like the other paint pens by shaking it and pressing the tip etc?

Would it work good on a sport cleat such as baseball or soccer?

Yep you need to prime it like other paint pens, yes this would be great on boxing gloves, Footballs, etc I myself have used it on a boxing glove and looks great, I only really use UNI paint pens you don't really find Deco paint pens in the UK in shops only online from the US or from autographs shows and what I have seen and tested from Deco paint pens I don't like sometimes the pens spits out random paint over the area that's getting that's why I don't like them that's IMO.

Thanks Kato!  Also, I forgot to ask, how long does it typically take the signature to dry after being signed with a uni paint pen?  I am a little on edge about using a paint pain considering the risk of it not working because of priming or the autograph smudging (I'm going to a fast-paced meet and greet, which is why this all concerns me).  Signatures with the pen look great from the pictures of seen though.

I would say over 1min for it to fully dry, I just blow and blow on the graph for it to dry lol

Just to contribute to the discussion, I couldn't purchase a Decocolor or unipaint marker, so I got a Craftsmart silver paint pen from Michael's.  The signatures came out great, and I highly recommend them.  

I'll have to check that pen out. Feel free to post pics so we can see how it came out.

The silver sharpies are the safest,less likely to smudge and dry very fast.The paint pens look best but you have to be very careful for smudges,ect.I normally mention to the signer that its a paint pen and and not to press to hard while signing,i had Jimmie Vaughn and Derek St Holmes leave huge globs of paint because they pushed down to hard on the retractable point allowing the paint to leak out while signing..uh !

Oil based Sharpie paint pens (not the regular silver/gold/bronze Sharpies available in most stores) are excellent.  The fine tipped ones are easy to charge and can dry completely in less than a minute if the paint is adequately mixed.

well I have used both the deco paint pens and the uni ones also and I have to say both have some pit falls. I used a gold one in august for some autographs and they came out looking like the deco one. I had a crew chief sign the one car I had and it didn't come out that well. could barely see it. Granted I had other pens with me and I also had a Deco paint pen in a Blue Color. I was able to get 2 drivers to sign their diecasts and they came out very well. I'm going to dover in 2 weeks and will try again using the Uni paint pens but I guess you need to check them to make sure they work prior to doing anything. I bought some new silver paint pens and going to try and see how I make out and will post the results.



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