Little kids are always after autographs from their favorite baseball players. Heck, even us big kids are.

But a 6-year-old at Comerica Park for the Tigers-Blue Jays game Friday, wanted something else. A baseball. And, usually the kids hang on the rails and ask the players warming up for balls. This kid had a better idea.

The 7th inning had ended, and the Tigers were coming onto the field. The boy jumped onto the field and ran to the pitcher's mount. He lost his baseball cap in the process, but he was able to grab the ball that had been left on the pitchers mound by Tigers hurler Brandon Lyon.

The security guards, a police officer, and team official had a discussion about what to do. They decided to let the boy keep the ball. Oh, and...they also had to help him climb back into the stands.

The boys uncle told a cop that the youngster didn't understand what he meant when he suggested he go to the railing and try to get a ball from the Toronto players.

Either way, it worked.

Now all he needs is to slap some signatures on the sweet spot.

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Comment by Jeff Browne on July 2, 2011 at 4:01am
That is a great story! Good for the kid for going out there and getting to step on to the grass at Comerica Park! I wonder what the headlines would have read for the team, police, and security the next day had they chased down the kid and decided to tackle him/remove him from the game. I believe the media would have eaten them alive. Way to go kid!


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