AEROSMITH and RONALD REAGAN -- best autograph stories ever!

Aerosmith and Ronald Reagan -- The two best autograph stories I've heard in weeks!

In Las Vegas I read in a local paper, about an Aerosmith concert. A guy with a fake leg (sorry, I can't spell that other word), was holding it up in the crowd (next to all the folks that hold their lighters when a classic ballad like Dream On is played). The drummer (I believe his name is Joey Kramer...I met him once in L.A. and he's a short dude, not very friendly...but he signed my CD). He asked for the guys leg. The leg was passed up thru the crowd, and he put it next to his drum set for a few songs. The guy soon came saying he needed it back (probably made it hard to stand). Kramer invited him backstage, and he got to meet the entire band, get autographs, and now he and Kramer are friends (no word on if it was the leg he had autographed, or just his ticket stub).

And, I'm sure you've all heard about the company selling RONALD REAGANS BLOOD. It was after the Hinkley assasination attempt, and apparently a nurse took home the vile. Her son is now trying to sell it (it got up to $14,000 in an auction recently). The son said he first contacted the Ronald Reagan Library (not sure why they'd want it), and the Secret Service. After they weren't interested, the auction took place.

Happy bidding!!!  (the blood would look nice for you collectors that have a signed Charles Manson hanging on the wall)

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Comment by Josh Board on May 24, 2012 at 9:59pm

Apparently, the Reagan blood got up to $30,000...and they decided to pull it off the auction and donate it to the Reagan library where it will be on display. I just can't figure out...why is it bad for a person (collector) to display it, but not morbid for the family or library to?


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