Hitler wrote Mein Kampf' in 1924, while he was serving a prison term in Bavaria. The book was published a few years later.

Now, 80 years later (and still outlawed in Germany) a copy of it autographed by Adolf Hitler has sold for $34,900 (I don't know if he wrote an inscription like "All the best" or "See you at the movies." I'm guessing it was just his name).

A telephone bidder (anonymous, of course), bid at an auction in the town of Ludlow, in England.

One collectable that you can actually display on your wall, went for a few thousand more.

An Archie Comics sold for $38,837 when Dallas' Heritage Auction Gallery ended a few days ago.

A comic-book store owner named Dave Luebke bought the issue 67 years ago, but said he sold it when he heard that Archie recently proposed to Veronica, instead of Betty (do comic book collectors realize these aren't real people?)

His store in Richmond, Virginia, has over a million comics in stock. And many have speculated that the economy has more to do with the selling of Archie No. 1 comic, and he doesn't deny that.

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