Autographs on Late Shows -- Stephen Colbert with Donald Trump, Jimmy Kimmel with James Taylor

A few of the late night shows have had autograph things lately, so I thought I’d write about them.

Stephen Colbert, the newest guy to take over on a late night show (The Late Show, formerly with Letterman), had Donald Trump as a guest. Colbert, who dropped his Republican wind-bag character he created for The Colbert Report (a much funnier show), is now doing straight interviews. I’ve been a little disappointed with his show so far, but he does treat politicians with a lot of respect. He was upset that Jeb Bush used his appearance to get a fan to go backstage, if they donated a certain amount of money. Colbert than did something similar, letting his fan ask Bush a question. Yet during the interview with Bush, he showed respect and had fun with everything.

When Senator Cruz was booed recently while answering a question, Colbert admonished the crowd. He looked at them and sternly said, “No matter how you feel about him, please don’t boo. He’s my guest.”

It was a class move.

When Trump was on, he did a great job of making fun of him, but in a playful way. Near the end of their segment, Colbert brought out Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal.” He asked him if he’d sign it for his next guest – energy secretary Ernie Moniz. Trump laughed, took the pen, and joked about what he’d inscribe.

It was a funny bit, and those autograph collectors wonder…did he really give that book to Mr. Moniz?

On the best late night show out there – Jimmy Kimmel Live – his guest last night was James Taylor. Kimmel was going on and on about how much of a fan he was. He then introduced a bit he did with a “greatest hits” record of Taylor’s songs. The catch? Each song had the words “in my pants” added to the end of the title.

During the fake commercial, Kimmel said “If you order now, you get this autographed photo of James Taylor eating a sandwich.

Taylor looked at the photo and said, “It’s not autographed.”

Kimmel, with his straight face, said to the camera “You will get this unsigned photo of James Taylor eating a sandwich.”

Anyway, the fake commercial is here if you’re interested:

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