Presidential Autographs and Handwriting Analysis

When Autograph Magazine could be found in newsstands everywhere, I enjoyed writing columns and stories for the publication. I still love writing the blogs.

Steve Cyrkin brought in a lot of interesting people to write for the magazine, but one person bugged me. Not on a personal level, but what it was she wrote about. It was handwriting analysis.

Now, as somebody that loves autographs – it’s something I should’ve really dug.

How many of us collectors haven’t looked at the cool “M” “M” that Mickey Mantle does in his signature? Or looked at signatures that you couldn’t even read, and wonder why the person signs their name like that.

A perfect example of why I think handwriting analysis is full of crap is my favorite singer/songwriter – Jim Morrison of The Doors. If you look at his handwriting, it looks like a 5th grader. Yet, he graduated from UCLA and had one of the highest IQs in rock history.

I’m guessing Kim Kardashian has incredible penmanship, and we know her IQ isn’t in the triple digits.

And a lot of these people…well, they remind me of those fortune teller types. The ones that made $3.95 a minute for a phone call, to tell you about some loved one that recently passed. They start guessing things…until they get a few correct (“You lost somebody close to you, right? And, their name started with the letter “M” or “S”, correct? An S? Okay, they’re here with me now, and want you to know they are fine.”

See what I mean?

Let a handwriting expert examine writing, and DO NOT tell them who it is. After they tell us “This is a loving person,” we can reveal it to be Charles Manson.

Now, I have listening to handwriting experts that can spot forged autographs, or can tell that a suicide note a woman left…was really written by her ex-husband. THAT fascinates me.

But for those that like handwriting analysis, here’s a story regarding presidential nominees:

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Comment by Paul on September 21, 2015 at 9:49pm
What aml at news stands. Wtf. OK I'll read the rest off the blog now.
Comment by Paul on September 21, 2015 at 10:40pm

The fde in Australia work at airports examining that passports haven't been tampered with and stuff like that. All the 90s bands sign like 1st graders.

Comment by Josh Board on September 21, 2015 at 11:03pm

Paul...for decades, Autograph Magazine was an actual -- MAGAZINE!!!!  I felt thrilled to be asked on a few occasions, to autograph a few for readers.

Comment by Robert Babb on September 22, 2015 at 12:06pm

josh I am still waiting on my signed copy lol!


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