The Beatles vs The Stones -- Well, Ringo vs Richards with Auction Items

I’ve never understood the fascination with famous folks cars that go for sale. Sure, the John Lennon, psychedelic 1965 Rolls Royce was sweet. I would buy it if I had the means (I said that in my best Ferris Bueller voice).

Another 1965 car, a blue Bentley, was once owned by Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. He mentions the “acid-fueled journeys” in it in his autobiography.

It blows my mind that the car sold for $1.2 million dollars at auction the other day.

My favorite thing about that story was finding out that it had a hidden compartment for his drug stash. Perfect. But for a million bucks…I’d want it filled with drugs! Or the dashboard at least signed by Keif.

Now, back to The Beatles. Some items that are much more interesting to auction off… Ringo Starr got tired of his storage units, and he and wife Barbara Bach also decided to sell their country house in England and their apartment in Monte Carlo. Starr told the Associated Press, “We thought, ‘What are we going to do with all this stuff?’”

That means…we all get to bid on it (or merely drool over it).

There are hundreds of items that Julien’s Auctions will have in early December, and some of them very desirable.

He has a three-piece drum kit he played in hundreds of performances (I’m guessing none of those with The Beatles, or that would’ve been mentioned). There’s also a Rickenbacker guitar that John Lennon once owned and is called the “Beatle-Backer.”

For record collectors, Starr pulled something out of a bank vault that’s been locked up for 30 years – one of four original pressings of the White Album.

If that fetches the six figures it should…I’d insist on Ringo autograph it, too.

There’s also furniture, artwork, and jewelry. They’re guessing this could bring in close to $10 million, with the money going to the Lotus Foundation, which was founded by Starr and Bach.

Starr said, “We’re fed up with having the stuff in storage when it could be put to some good use and also give a lot of people joy.”

I’ve mentioned before that singer George Michael bought the white piano that Lennon composed “Imagine” on. He paid a million for that. I think he should get the guitar to go along with it.

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Comment by Paul on September 18, 2015 at 12:44am
Keith richards drug stash would be worth more than his Bently esp in the 70s.
Comment by Paul on September 18, 2015 at 10:30pm
Ringo stars car isn't no psychedelic rr, that used to go on tour around the country with famous people on drug binges or picking up the beatles smoking joints to Abbey road studio. It's just a car.


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