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More Famous Cars -- the Jack Kevorkian Edition

Since I recently wrote about the automobiles of Keith Richards, Ringo Starr, and John Lennon…thought we’d delve into the opposite end of the spectrum. Instead of the guys that gave birth to classic rock…the vehicle of the man who killed many. Literally.

Remember suicide doctor Jack Kevorkian? Well, he had a 1968 Volkswagen van that was sold for $150 in the mid-90s. It was at a junkyard being sold for parts, when somebody ended up realizing people collect the macabre. In fact, the VW was listed on eBay in 2010, but they pulled it because it falls under the category of “Murderabilia.” (and we all know how eBay tries to do the right thing…hahahahaha).

So, American Jewelry and Loan (the reality show “Hardcore Pawn”) acquired it in 2013 for $20,000. The guy selling it initially tried to get $100,000 for it, probably prompting Mr. Gold to want to use a suicide machine on him.

After two years sitting in a warehouse, they listed it on their website for $49,995, but they settled for $32,500. It was sold to Zak Bagans, star of “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel Channel.

Kevorkian actually lived in the van periodically, and he used it to carry out some of the assisted suicides (he did over 125). His first public assisted suicide patient died in the van in 1990.

Who knows if you’ll see her ghost haunting it…or Jack “the ripper” Kevorkian. Maybe you’ll see the ghosts of the hippies that first had the van during the “summer of love.”

I’ve always thought it would be cool to get one of those old VW busses and paint it psychedelic colors. Although if it were the Kevorkian bus…perhaps I’d make it look more like a Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden album cover; or one side have it say “Make Love, Not War” with all the peace, hearts, flowers, etc. The other side could have the Grim Reaper, and dark images.

Oh, the possibilities

(side note: having a ghost in your car DOES NOT allow you to use car pool lanes)

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