Most of you might only know Bobcat from being that crazy '80s comedian that would scream and make weird sounds. Even back then, I thought he was hysterical. His material was always strong.


It was nice to see him get parts in movies (remember him trying to kill Bill Murray in Scrooged?) Oh, and speaking of "remembering him" in various parts, he said in his stand-up the other night when I saw him, that he loves signing autographs and is flattered anybody wants his autograph, but always thinks it's odd when somebody says things like "Remember when you did that Police Academy movie..."


Of course he remembers, he was on set, and got a nice paycheck to do it!


As a movie critic, I was shocked that so many critics gave negative reviews to a movie he wrote and directed called SHAKES THE CLOWN...a fun, dark comedy.


He did World's Greatest Dad with Robin Williams last year, and it was great (again, dark though).


During his stand-up, a guy in the front row had a Shakes the Clown DVD. He autographed it during the show, since two people went to the bathroom near the end, and he wanted them to hear his entire story he finished with. It was great. He signed it, pretended to sign "Gilbert Gottfried," and said he'd come out after the show and take pictures and sign stuff. He also jokingly said "Don't go selling this on eBay, wouldn't really get a lot for my autograph."


I already had a Shakes movie poster signed and didn't bring anything else.


We did talk to him afterwards, and he was gracious with the fans.


If he comes to a comedy venue near you, go check him out.

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Comment by Robert Babb on August 30, 2011 at 11:15am
I thought shakes the clown was a decent movie as well!
Comment by A.B. on September 6, 2011 at 10:25am

Great story :-)



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