Bruce, Buble, and Booze -- Singers and Handwritten lyrics

Since music autographs are the favorite in my collection, and I’m thankful for the amazing collection I have, I thought I’d share some recent stories that popped up in the news.

Here in San Diego, Michael Buble had a concert at the Sports Arena. I’m not a fan of the crooner (and I turned down a free pair of tickets to the show), but I was excited to hear from my friend, about an autograph he signed during the show.

At a lot of concerts, people hold up signs. Buble said he couldn’t read one of the signs that was far away, and he asked the woman holding it to come to the front of the stage. She did that, and he read it, and then autographed it for her and gave her a kiss. The sign said “Jazzed,” and if she’s an autograph collector, I’m sure she was.

Now, if you’re a Bruce Springsteen fan (and who isn’t?) you’ll be excited to hear about this piece that just became available. It’s the handwritten lyrics for his 1975 hit “Born to Run.” It’s going to be auctioned December 5th by Sotheby’s, and they’re guessing it’ll fetch somewhere in the six figures. The document had been in the collection of his former manager, Mike Appel, but they won’t reveal who the seller is.

Most of the lines in this 1974 version weren’t recorded in the version we all know from the radio, but it does have the famous chorus. It’s on an 8 ½ x 11 inch sheet of lined notepaper, and as any collector of music autographs will tell you – handwritten lyrics are a prized possession.

I remember when I interviewed Danny Sugarman, The Doors manager and author of the book “No One Here Gets Out Alive.” He had written his second book (Wonderland Avenue), an autobiography. And since I knew he had a few of Jim Morrison’s handwritten lyrics, I offered him a lot of money for some. He laughed and said, “Well…I sold them all when I needed money for drugs. I sold a few gold records, too. I wish I hadn’t. Somebody got a really good deal on those things.”

The things drug dealers must own from supplying to famous musicians must be mind boggling.


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