David Letterman Top 10 List on Celebrity Memorabilia

Here was a David Letterman Top 10 List from last nights show that I thought memorabilia collectors could appreciate.

He started it by saying, “In California, Oprah had a yard sale to get rid of stuff she’s had since 1985. She raised over $500,000 for charity; and really, aren’t we all just sick and tired of clutter? Even Oprah has the brains to know…humans can get by on much, much less.”

He then introduced the Top 10 Coveted pieces of celebrity memorabilia.


10)    Barbara Bush’s wrestling trophies

9) Sammy Davis Jr.’s non-glass eye

8) Zsa Zsa Gabor’s spare “Zsa”

7) Nixon’s list of frienemies

6) Dick Cheney’s old heart

5) Pat Sajak’s collection of black market vowels

4) Burt Reynold’s foul weather hairpiece

3) Madonna’s iconic cone-shaped motor oil funnel

2) Rare photo of Kristen Stewart not looking pissed off

1) A check picked up by Regis Philbin.


I thought the list was funny, although I wonder how many younger people will even know who Zsa Zsa or Sammy Davis are. The joke about his eye reminded me of one of the first times I got into trouble when I did morning radio in the early ‘90s. Sammy Davis, Jr. had died, and my news director was going to do that as his lead story. Michael Jackson was in the news at that time (when wasn’t he?). He was trying to buy the bones of John Merrick (aka the elephant man). A museum was going to sell them to Jackson, but people were up in arms (no pun intended) about it. I told our news director to do the Sammy Davis Jr. death story, follow that with two other news stories and then say, “This just in! Michael Jackson has bought Sammy Davis Jr’s eye!”

Everyone loved the joke, except our general manager. He came into the studio and yelled at me. I was lectured on how you don’t joke about a person when they just died.

I found it odd when he told us at a meeting a month later we needed to “Be more like Howard Stern.”

I’m guessing Stern would’ve used that joke.

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Comment by Robert Babb on November 12, 2013 at 3:57pm

David letterman needs to do a top ten on the most stuck up signers know josh!


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