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Ebay Seller Fgerg Sells Forged Signed 500 Homerun Club Baseball

Immediately below are two links to blogs showing examples of 500 Homerun Club forgeries.



Below is another set of 500 Homerun Club forgeries on a baseball that recently sold on Ebay.

It was sold by Ebay seller Fgerg for $520.00.

$520.00 down the toilet.

I hope the buyer submits this garbage to Beckett, JSA or PSA.

Ebay seller Fgerg writes:

I have now had some people tell me the signatures are good, in their experienced opinion. 

I have had other people question them- though, none of these nay-sayers provide specific, detailed, factual information and comparisons to support their contention- just assuming that their self-proclaimed expertise should be definitive. 
I've even heard a speculation that some of the autographs appear authentic, but maybe not all...? 
So, look, the thing I know for sure is this: As someone who watched most of the players on this ball on the field back in the day and has always enjoyed and appreciated the ball as a legitimate extension of that love of the game, I have always viewed this as an historical object more than as a detached "investment". As I have already indicated above, if that's what matters most to you, then spend five times more for a 500 HR ball on which "official", corporate authentication has already been dearly paid for and arbitrarily anointed- rightly or wrongly. 
(BTW... I wonder if somone who would question this ball simply accept signatures on authenticated items without applying the same skepticism, because that's the only easy "answer" to these endless questions, now?).
Whoever told Ebay seller Fgerg that the below autographs are authentic doesn't have a clue about autographs.
Look at this garbage.  These are your typical and common 500 Homerun Club forgeries.
If these were submitted to Beckett, JSA or PSA they would fail authentication in a millisecond.
Look at the Harmon Killebrew.  My goodness.  All laughable forgeries.

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Yikes about sums it up, Cee Gee.


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