Below are some examples of "500 Homerun Club" forgeries that are listed and sold on Ebay.

These are horrible and laughable forgeries.

The people who buy and sell this crap are either wannabe autograph collectors (delusional) or scammers.

There is no gray area here.

These are crap.

I will continue to update this blog.

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Obviously the signatures tell the story... but there is another big tip off here.

Note the lousy quality of these Ron Lewis prints. They appear to be poor color reproductions of the originals. Grainy color, washed out... look like 3rd generation copies.

Obviously, if you went to one of the 500 HR Club shows in Atlantic City where many of these were signed, you would have gotten a licensed print signed... not a cheap copy. No one spent big bucks to get these signed and used a cheap, 3rd generation copy!!

I feel iLL looking at so much of this crap. I remember Ron Lewis was at that show signing the posters.

What's really amazing about the GFA-certed forgeries on EBay, is that you have the same sellers selling the same forgeries over and over again and none of those wannabe autograph collectors has the common sense to ask "Where are you getting all of this inventory from?"



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