Ebay Seller RRR70 Sells Forged Autographed Mickey Mantle Baseball For $100.00

Before I continue, below are links showing hundreds of examples of forged Mickey Mantle baseballs, photos, etc. found on Ebay (the most dangerous place to buy autographs if you're a casual collector or impulse buyer).




When does an autographed Mickey Mantle baseball sell for a whopping $100.00.

When it's an obvious and laughable forgery.

Check out the below forged Mickey Mantle baseball sold by Ebay seller RRR70 for a whopping $100.00.

If you're selling an authentic Mickey Mantle baseball for a lousy $100.00 then you're either leaving a lot of money on the table, or you are well aware that you're selling a forged Mickey Mantle baseball and you're just looking to dump it to a delusional autograph collector or a scammer who is going to flip the below forged Mickey Mantle baseball.

Look at this crap sold by Ebay seller RRR70 for $100.00.


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