Ebay Seller Tunasdallas Sells Forged Counterfeit 2000-01 Ovation Autograph Card For $1,250.00

Immediately below are links to previous threads on forged/counterfeit Kobe Bryant "2000-01 Ovation" cards.

People are continuing to emotionally impulsive buy Kobe Bryant forgeries on Ebay.

I find all of this disgusting.

People don't realize what a TOUGH PULL this particular card was and yet they are all over Ebay.

Since Kobe Bryant's passing,  98% of these cards on that have been sold and listed on Ebay are the forged/counterfeit version.








Here is another one that sold on Ebay.

The below forged/counterfeit Kobe Bryant "2000-01 Upper Deck Ovation" card was sold by Ebay seller Tunasdallas for $1,250.00.

What a waste of $1,250.00.

I will continue to post the sellers of this crap.


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Comment by BC on February 1, 2020 at 11:59am

How many fakes of this card have sold since his death?

Comment by Christopher Williams on February 1, 2020 at 12:42pm

BC, I figure at least $100,000 in Kobe Bryant forgeries have sold since his passing, and I think I am on the low end of that dollar amount.



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