Harrison Ford talks AUTOGRAPHS with David Letterman

All the late night fighting has really gotten interesting. Although, I find I'm watching Conan and missing some of Letterman because of it (after all, Conan only has another show to go before it's all over).

Well, I tuned in to Letterman during a commercial on The Tonight Show, and Dave was telling Harrison Ford how nice it was to sign autographs for the fans waiting to get into the show. Ford had an uncomfortable look on his face (but really, when doesn't he?) He then said, after a bit of a pause " have that camera out there that films me as I show up. What am I supposed to do? If I don't sign I look like a jerk."

As the crowd laughed Letterman said something like "So, you're saying if the cameras weren't there, you wouldn't have signed?"

Another pause, followed by Ford saying "No!"

He then talked about walking over to sign for a kid, only to find it's a 45-year-old guy in a boy suit. That didn't make much sense but was funny. Ford then said "They're just autograph merchants. That's what they are. They make money off you and I signing things for them."

Letterman laughed and said "Not me."

Ford seemed confused by this, and Letterman joked about his autograph not being worth anything.

They then moved on to the usual BS of promoting the latest film.

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Comment by Chris Klamer on January 22, 2010 at 5:57am
Yeah the autograph brokers are the ones that make it difficult for people like me to get an autograph.

I went to Wisconsin one year and the wife and I made a special overnight trip to Green Bay to go to the Packers training camp and I wanted to get some stuff signed but it was for me and not for sale. So after the practice was done they were going to have a special signing but you had to be invited and I found out that if you didn't have a kid with you you were not getting a ticket or a biker because the guy handing out the tickets rode a Harley.

So I did get a few autographs on a football and I still have it but I wasn't going to run after people and chase them down in traffic like some of these crazy people did.
Comment by Stephen Duncan on January 22, 2010 at 10:24am
More stereo type from a celeb that dosn't get it. God forbid if a few in that line of fans might sell that signature. Such an concern, while there are still humans buried alive in Haiti.
Comment by Brandon Mysinger on January 22, 2010 at 2:18pm
I have met Harrison several times..He has always been a wiling signed but has a STRICT One per-person rule usually.
Comment by Josh Board on January 22, 2010 at 3:11pm
The people buried alive in Haiti comment is ridiculous. Using that logic, why would Harrison Ford even go on the show to discuss anything? Why should Leno and Letterman talk about "losing jobs", with a pay out of 35 million? Why should we go to a movie tonight? Where does it end?
Yes, it's horrible what happened in Haiti. And guess what? Many celebrities are stepping up. But that doesn't mean the rest of the world stops dead in its tracks. Nothing wrong with us still going out and enjoying a Friday evening.
Comment by Stephen Duncan on January 23, 2010 at 7:50am
What I mean is this: There are bigger issues in life for a celeb to worry about that if someone in a group of fans might be selling an autograph. This entire concept of celebs not wanting to sign in fear that a dealer is in the crowd is what is ridiculous.
My apologies if I didn't convey that correctly in my earlier post.
Comment by Stephen Duncan on January 23, 2010 at 8:36am
Josh, you and I both have seen celebs argue for 5 minutes on why they wont sign something, when it would of took them 5 seconds to sign it. Not just on the streets, but you and I have seen it at actual in door signings. Shatner at a book signing is a prime example of this. I saw him all but yell at a gal about 5 people in front of me in line who wanted just one signature on a photo. She explained that she cannot get to the S.T. conventions as they are expensive/too far from her home. He shot her down and security brushed her away, only signing her book. At least, 5 minutes (seemed like 15) went by as the rest of the line watched his tantrum.

Don Felder had less that 35 people at his book signing in Santa Monica, but refused to sign even 1 piece of memorabilia. (1 lousy piece). I totally understand the entire concept of at book signings, they are there to sign the book. I totally understand that celebs are tired of signing autographs anywhere that seemingly end up for sale. I get it. I understand the "crowd" thing and I fully understand the "I'm under a schedule/gotta get going" thing. I get it.

My point only is: These multi millionaire celebrities are willing to not sign for waiting fans, like in the story you posted, because of this presumption and fear that "They're just autograph merchants. That's what they are. They make money off you and I signing things for them," in Harrison Ford's own words,
is so absured. If that was the case none of us should donate any relief aid for Haiti, help save the tigers, support Greenpeace, etc... because there are those charities that keep 90 cents to the dollar. Again, it is an absurd logic and the penalty doesn't fit the crime.

I would rather hear that the celeb is running late, not tonight, it's raining, I'm with my wife, or any other reason to not sign, except that 'ol "it's all about the money" excuess to not sign. I have waited at The Tonight Show, the rehersals for The Grammy's/Oscar's/movie premiers, etc.... Yes there are always dealers, ............but there are a whole bunch more that I keep seeing that are really fans. 25 fans walk away with a sig and 5 dealers as well. That is a terrific percentage ratio of fans vs. dealers. Babe Ruth didn't even have a slugging percentage that high and we consider him baseballs best.
Comment by Josh Board on January 24, 2010 at 12:30am
Those are great points, Stephen. Sorry I misunderstood what you meant.

I always loved what one actor did at Comic Con. I forget who, someone like Bruce Campbell. He says that he'll sign his new item that he's promoting, and TWO OTHER items. That's friggin awesome. This way, somebody with 20 different 8 x 10s they want to sell, don't get them. But the real fans, get multiple items signed.

Shatner could've made that so much easier if he just said to this woman, "I will sign this one picture. What's your name?" When she tells her name, he personalizes it, making it very hard to sell. He could then sort of say loudly to the crowd, "I'm not supposed to sign other pieces of memorabilia, as I'm here doing the book signing. But if you brought stuff, for each book you buy, I'll also sign another item for you."

I'm glad Felder only had 35 people. What a dope. I've heard so many stories about that guy. In fact, Joe Walsh is the only Eagle that you can still count on to sign consistantly.
Comment by Scott Voisin on January 24, 2010 at 2:39pm
Gene Hackman did that a couple of years ago on his book tour... For every copy that you bought, he would sign one additional item. Not only did I get an autographed book (which was a very good read), I also got my "Hoosiers" DVD signed. A classy gesture made by a classy man.
Comment by Brandon Mysinger on January 24, 2010 at 7:42pm
Harrison did get in on the private signings a few times. Each time, the photos were limited and sold for around $450-$500 each several times the Indiana Jones and Star Wars photos sold out in about 12 seconds. I got one of each of these each time and they are the best autographs that money could buy. a portion of the money went to harrison's favorite wildlife charity too.

Harrison is in my area quite often as Callista's family lives here. He is a known good signer when he is in town and thankfully, i usually hear when he is coming. I have gotten a TON of good graphs from him.
Comment by Stephen Duncan on January 24, 2010 at 10:02pm
Speaking of Shatner, I just got back from the Star Trek convention today up in San Francisco. Bill Shatner is now charging $89.00 per signature. That's $11.00 less than a $100.00, OR 1 $50.00 + 1 $20.00,+ 1 $10.00 and 9 $1.00's. YES, I am glad he signs, and YES I am glad he makes himself available, so this is not a complaint, but geeeeeeze, 89 clams and though I didn't go for it, $100.00 for a picture with him were on sell/available too. (this isn't a complaint, it's really not) ( I mean it, it's not a complaint....... ) At least the valet parking at the hotel was "cheap", only $56.00 to park for 7 hours.


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