Crazy Heart and Jay Leno AUTOGRAPH stuff

Jeff Bridges will definitely get the Oscar nomination for playing the drunken country singer Bad Blake in Crazy Heart. He's flat out amazing. It'll be his 5th nomination, and I'm hoping he wins for this.

Anyway, his character is relegated to playing dive bars and bowling alleys, while his young protege (played by Colin Farell, who my girlfriend thought looked like a country version of George Michaels), is playing the huge stadiums.

When they meet up for the first time in a restaurant, it's the only scene in the movie a fan asks for an autograph (sure, fans were taking pictures; fans were sleeping with the stars, but this was the first signature).

Colin explains to the young fan how he learned everything from Bud Black, and that's the autograph he should be getting.

Jeff Bridges doesn't seem to mind that he's not the one asked to sign the napkin in the restaurant.

On Jay Leno a few nights ago, in between his barbs on Letterman and NBC, he did his "10 at 10," with Michael Jordan. That's a skit where they ask 10 quick questions of a big name star via satellite.

Leno asked Jordan if he's ever asked for anyones autograph. Jordan replied, "No. Why would I?" The crowd laughed, and Leno explained, "Even when you were a kid? Wasn't there anyone you wanted an autograph from?" Jordan looked perplexed and still said no, adding "I don't know why anyone cares about a name on a piece of paper."

A few questions later, Leno asked if there's anyone (dead or alive) Jordan would like to meet. He quickly added, "And not ask for their autograph!"

Jordan said Martin Luther King, Jr. He added, "Yeah, I'd probably get his autograph, too."

Ahhhh. Nice to see Jordan saw the light!

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Comment by Robert Babb on January 23, 2010 at 9:28am
I saw Jeff Bridges recently on regis promoting the movie and i thought it was facinating that he has been married over 30 years+.


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