Last week on the late night shows, the big news was that Saturday Night Live’s head writer, Seth Myers, would be taking over Jimmy Fallons slot when he moves over to The Tonight Show next year.

Well, what I enjoyed about the shows last week was all the talk about autographs.

Kimmel was talking about how ridiculous it was that Dennis Rodman sent a tweet asking North Korea’s leader a favor. This, of course, after Rodman went there and was hanging out with him. Kimmel said something about how Kim Jong-un might issue a statement like “I don’t want to hear from Rodman. Your going to have to get me a Michael Jordan signed Space Jam poster if you want me to free this guy.”

Later in that same show, Kimmel showed that famous mug shot photo of Nick Nolte and said “He should sell those at autograph shows.”

I didn’t hear exactly what happened when Kimmel had Rod Stewart as a guest the following day. It was in the beginning of the interview. Stewart was telling a story about how on his latest CD, and he signed his name quickly and it looked a little like a penis. So he thought he might start drawing them on his CDs when asked to sign them. Kimmel was laughing, and asked him to draw a penis on the book he had. Stewart did it. They were giggling like school kids as they looked at it. Kimmel then handed him his mug from The View, and asked him to do the same drawing. He obliged.

The best autograph story of the week, though – happened on Conan O’Brien. Remember him? He’s the one that had The Tonight Show for a few months before Jay Leno decided he wanted it back (I highly recommend you catch him at 11 p.m; he’s hysterical). Also check out the documentary from a few years ago. It was a great documentary following him around on tour, and showed how he dealt with a racist fan that wanted an autograph.

Anyway, country singer Keith Urban was on the show. He talked about being on stage and a woman yelling “Can you autograph my leg?” Urban replied, “Sure. Come on up here!” He figured it would be a nice break between songs, but then she never appeared on stage. What he saw was that she took of her prosthetic leg and it was being passed through the crowd, to the front of the stage. He felt a little weird as he grabbed it, and signed it. He said “I wasn’t sure what to do at that point. Do I throw it back out to the crowd or what. I’m not sure of the proper leg etiquette.”

It was a great story, and I’m sure the fan was not only thrilled with the autograph – but the fact that Urban told the story on Conan.

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Comment by Dan Gregory on May 14, 2013 at 12:09am

Brilliant, love it.

Comment by Chad B on May 14, 2013 at 10:56am

Signing a leg, that is a first (that I have heard of anyway). I think I would still prefer a signed picture.

Comment by Josh Board on May 14, 2013 at 4:37pm

Chad, I've always said that with signed things. I did a story about a woman having her body autographed by Blues Traveler after a concert. Why? She wasn't going to get it tattooed on (I did a story in the mag once about people that did that). Now, if you had a fake arm -- and were having the cast of The Fugative sign it...that would be kinda cool.


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