It was fun watching all the hoopla surrounding where LeBron James was going to wind up (Miami Heat, if you've been living on an island).

It was funnier to read a story about an Ohio woman (which is where James is from), named Vaneisha Robinson, who paid $5 at a yard sale for a LeBron James pendant she thought was costume jewelry.

The news media jumped all over this.

The pendant was shaped like a basketball jersey with a few diamonds in it. She had it appraised and they said "Well, those are 2 carats of diamond, on 14-karate white gold."

It has a #23 and says "King" on the front and "James" on the back.

I immediately heard this story, and...unlike those stories where you hear of someone buying a Picasso painting at a yard sale, or some old 8 x 10 signed by Clark Gable, I knew this wouldn't end well for Vaneisha.

You see, if this had real diamonds, the owner of it certainly knows that and wouldn't be selling it at a garage sale. Therefore, my logic immediately concluded, the piece was probably stolen.

I saw this story in the sports pages a week ago. They also mentioned Vaneisha is an amateur boxer.

Well, I just heard on CNN, that she's going to be in for the fight of her life.

She got a phone call from people that said they worked for LeBron James and they wanted to buy it. She was all excited when she showed up at the meeting, until....they claimed the piece was stolen from them (and I don't think they work for LeBron, but I'm not positive).

I'm guessing she's going to end up getting her $5 back, and the people at the garage sale are going to be arrested.

Gotta love stupid folks.

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Comment by Robert Babb on July 18, 2010 at 12:47pm
It is sad about all the hoopla about him leaving Cleveland but alot of it is about the almighty dollar.


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