Movie and TV Stars with Autographs -- Mindy Kaling and the movie About Time

There’s a movie coming out in a few weeks called About Time. Domhnall Gleeson (Harry Potter) finds out when he turns 21, that he can travel in time. He uses this power to get Rachel McAdams to be his girlfriend (hey…it beats trying to find Hitler and assassinate him).

I’m not allowed to write my review about it until its release date, but I wanted to tell you about a funny autograph scene in it.

Tom Hollander plays a playwright that rents out a room to Domhnall. When a play bombs because an actor forgot his lines, Domhnall goes back in time to rectify the situation. The play becomes a huge smash, and he becomes very famous.

He’s often getting drunk (he is a writer, after all), and as he’s a bit tanked at a wedding reception, a woman all dressed up asks for his autograph. He snaps at her, “I’m not giving you an autograph! I’m here to celebrate a wedding, not sign something that you can go slog on eBay, to make enough money to buy yourself a nicer hat than that crappy thing you’re wearing!”

The woman angrily storms off.

It reminded me of the autograph scene in The Big Chill. Tom Berenger plays an actor, and when he’s at a funeral, a little kid asks for his autograph. Berenger smiles and says, “Do you really think this is the right time for that?” The kid nods his head yes, to which Berringer replies, “Okay, for a dollar.”

Anyway…in other Hollywood autograph news, the Sunday paper Parade section, had a great interview with Minday Kaling (The Office, The Mindy Project).

The writer describes her house, at one point saying the writes, “Framed faux magazine cover featuring, and signed by, Conan O’Brien, which rests on an Art Deco-inspired accent table in a bathroom.”

I always wonder about writers that describe a celebrities house when they’re there to do an interview. I’m guessing some people wouldn’t want their bathroom described, but she’s funny…and is smart enough to know she shouldn’t leave anything out she wouldn’t want a reporter to see.

Another autographed item in her house – a basketball signed by Steve Nash. It sits on a corner shelf and Kaling said in the article, “My favorite player of all time. I referenced him in an episode of The Office, and he tweeted about it. A career highlight.”

It’s always fun to hear about the stars that also have signed memorabilia around their house.

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