Movies and Autographs -- The Elvis & Nixon Edition

I had a few movie related autograph things I was going to mention. The first was about the Harrison Ford Star Wars jacket he autographed and sold for charity. Yet I saw that somebody on this site wrote about that.

So, a few autograph things in recent movies.

In an indie movie called "High-Rise" Tom Hiddleston plays a guy that moves into a high rise that has different levels, depending on your status in society (it's the future). When he's grocery shopping, he sees a woman that is being approached for an autograph. When she rudely asks him if he wants a picture, he ends up asking the cashier who it was.

A much better autograph scene is in the movie Miles Ahead. Don Cheadle is amazing as Miles Davis, it's just a shame the movie is completely fictional. Anyway, there's a scene where Davis needs to score some drugs. Ewan McGregor, as the Rolling Stone reporter, brings him to a drug dealers apartment. The guy is in bed with a woman, who doesn't seem to mind. When Davis doesn't have enough money for the drugs, a deal is made where he is to autograph a few of his albums for him. At first Davis balks, saying "I don't do that."  (not sure what that means, as Davis was generally a good autograph signer). He eventually signs a few, but keeps the "Someday My Prince Will Come" album (it had his wife on the cover).

Perhaps the best autograph scene in a movie, is one that is probably based on the fact that an autograph request is how the whole story probably came to be. It's the new movie "Elvis & Nixon." Two Oscar nominees play the leads -- Michael Shannon is Elvis, and Kevin Spacey is Nixon. The King wanted to meet Nixon, who was against the idea. Yet after he gets a call from his daughter, who wants him to get Elvis' autograph for her, he decides to make it happen.

Of course, we see a few scenes of Elvis signing autographs in the movie. I just kept thinking that...if Elvis wrote a 6 page, rambling letter to the President, requesting a meeting...and it lead to that famous photo of them shaking much is that letter going to be worth if it ever hits the market?

For those interested in the movie, here's my review of it:

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