Picture Proof Autographs (P.P.A.), How To Grade Them

The Picture Proof Photos (P.P.P.) above shows the difference in grading a Picture Proof Photo (P.P.P.).

The top (P.P.P.) is the most rare,  has Ricky Craven signing an #2 DuPont, 1/64th scale die-cast of the with the real car in the back ground of the photo and Ricky is in the same sponsored fire suit uniform of the die-cast being signed. I grade this (P.P.P.) as the best and call it (P.P.P.-1).

The second (P.P.P.) is not as rare as the top, has Terry Labonte signing an #5 Kellogg's 1/24th scale die-cast and Terry is wearing the same sponsored fire suit uniform in the photo while signing the die-cast. I grade as second best and call it (P.P.P.-2)

The third (P.P.P.) is not as rare as the ones above, has Dale Earnhardt Sr. signing an GM Goodwrench 1/64th scale die-cast hauler while Dale is wearing an GM Goodwrench shirt. even though the item being signed and the autograph is more valuable  than the ones above, This (P.P.P.) would have been prefect if it had the actual car in the back ground and Dale being in a GM Goodwrench Fire Suit. So I grade this as (P.P.P.-3)

         Picture Proof Autographs (P.P.A.),   How To Grade Them

         For those collectors that don't collect  Picture Proof Autographs (P.P.A.), they are autographs that you receive in person, and while the celebrity is signing your item, you take a photo of him signing, a Picture Proof Photo (P.P.P.) so you can add to the enhancement of the display and to help the authentication of that autographed item.

          When I first started to collect autographs, I thought it was a common practice among collectors to take a (P.P.P.) of the person you are getting a autograph from, But sadly to my dismay, the percentage of other collectors taken a (P.P.P.) while getting an autograph is very low. I am disappointed that I have very few collectors to share and swap stories with.

          A lot of collectors, and mostly dealers of autographs has tried to impress on me that a (P.P.P.) doesn't help to authenticate an autograph because a number of dealers have used the same photo over and over again to authenticate different autographs, and/or they have flat out stolen other collectors (P.P.P.)s and photo shop them to match that their own forgery item getting signed. I am more disappointed that forgers would go to such extreme to profit off unaware collectors.

           As for me, most of my (P.P.P.)s are taken with an 33 mm camera, I then cut the negatives strips and tape the  negative to its photo. This way, when I sell, the collector that is buying one of my Picture Proof Autograph would get,   1) The Item,    2) The Autograph,     3) The (P.P.P.),    4) The Negative to The (P.P.P.), and    5) A Certificate Of  Authenticity of such Numbered (P.P.A.).

          I believe, Authenticity Is Everything, and that is why I collect with (P.P.P.)s, but I am also a firm believer that everyone has the right to collect anything, and in anyway that makes them happy!!!!!

         A lot of autograph collectors like to get their autographs authenticated and graded. To get it graded, the authenticator has to figure out what shape is the item that got signed is in. Does the item have tears, folds, water damage and so on. Then the autograph itself has to be graded. Was it obtain in a pit row dash and the autograph is just a scribbled line, (That is when the (P.P.P.) comes in handy) or was it obtained in a controlled easy going set down autograph session where the signature has all the loops and curves that it is supposed to have.

         But collecting Picture Proof Autographs, I like to grade my own Picture Proof Photos [Specially since there isn't that many collectors that collect (P.P.A.)s]. Since most of my (P.P.A.)s are of Auto Racing of NASCAR, INDY, and NHRA, I had found a system of how to grade my (P.P.P.)s

First) is what I call Regular Picture Proof Photos, (P.P.P.). You just see the driver signing the item in the picture and he is wearing  no sponsored or a different sponsored shirt than what the item he is autographing.

But it is even rarer that the P.P.A. will have what I call a Super Picture Proof Photo (S.P.P.P.).
An  S.P.P.P. are autographs (mostly Auto Racing) that the P.P.P. not only shows the driver Autographing the die cast  of his car, but,

1 ) (P.P.P.-1) The real actual car of the die cast the driver is signing is in the back ground of the photo. (See Top Photo)

2) (P.P.P.-2) The driver is in the photo wearing the same sponsored drivers fire suit uniform of the die cast he is signing. (See Middle Photo)

3) (P.P.P.-3) The driver is in the photo wearing the same sponsored drivers shirt of the die cast he is signing. (See Bottom Photo)  

You can view most of my Picture Proof Autographs (P.P.A.) that has Super Picture Proof Photos (S.P.P.P.) by just going to the Photo Section and typing in the Search area: (P.P.P.-1), (P.P.P.-2), or (P.P.P.-3) or you can simple follow the link list below,


Thanks Very Much For Reading and I Hope I Have Shred Some Lite On Picture Proof Autographs!!

Please Post Any Picture Proof Autographs That You Have Been Lucky Enough To Obtain and/or Any Comments You Have, Thank You Very Much!!!!!!      Fred  W.

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