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Is this NASCAR Dale Jr. Autograph Real

Started this discussion. Last reply by Kenneth Charles Ayers Dec 24, 2018. 3 Replies

Can you please tell me if this NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Autograph is Real

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Are IPhone 7 Autographs Considered Real Autographs?

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About Me

What kind of member are you? (Check as many as apply.)
Collector, Fan
What would you like to tell us about yourself, your collecting, or business.
My Family and I have been fortunate to have been featured and published in several TV shows, and magazines that were interested in how we have collected "Picture Proof Autographs".
You can read these full articles and view the film clips by going to my page>my albums>A) Articles We Are In:, and/or going to the web site listed below each one.

On January 2020, The MeTV's TV Show Called "Collector's Call" with host Lisa Whechell S2E6 "Meet Fred", featured my son Fred, and I Showing my collection, estimate value, and how i collect Picture Proof Autographs on toys, Diecast, and Action Figures.
Just tap on the link below to view.

Preview: https://youtu.be/xU2BjHs0vLI

Video 1: https://youtu.be/1tP-kqnzgBA

Video 2: https://youtu.be/G8-FjtKWbfw

Video 3: https://youtu.be/h_V9kAXkw94

Video 4: https://youtu.be/w-HAE6p4OHs

Lisa's Favorite: https://youtu.be/daEMEOh6Bes

Extra 1 Munster's Koach: https://youtu.be/O1aYqilgNCY

Extra 2 Star Trek: https://youtu.be/spWyz9E104w

On August 2020, The FaceBook TV Show Called "Collector's Haven" S1E7 Frederick Weichmann, i was featured showing most and how I collect Picture Proof Autographs on Toys, Diecast, Magazines, and any thing I can.
just tap on link below to view.


On The TV Show "A Piece Of The Game"
September, 2014, My daughter Lauren was on the show, displaying our 1935, Chicago Cubs, Opening Day, Baseball, which the show deemed its worth at $2,500. You can see the fill video (video-5) or a clip (whatdoyougot) 1935 cubs baseball at the web-site below.

In "Toy Shop Magazine,
January,w9th,2004,, issue #323, Vol.-17, No.-1, page #70.
Tom Bartsch wrote a full page that states,
"AUTOGRAPH HOUND", "Chicago Collector Does A Lot More Than Obtain Signatures."

In 2000, There was a TV show called " The Appraisal Fair " that filmed at Navy Pier in Chicago that was based on the TV show Antque Road Show.
My daughter, Lauren and I were on the show displaying a mechanial, life size, Ronald McDonald from the 1960s which they said that it was worth $2,000 to $3,000.

In "Beckett Racing Magazine"
June 2004, Vol.-11, No.-6, Issue-118, Pages-14 & 15,
Mark Zeske wrote, "SUPER COLLECTOR" "Working The Pits"

In the web site: "hotwheelscollectors.com"
HWC-Eve, choose me to be in the Collector Spotlight for February, 2007, Fred Weichmann "A.K.A."All-Signed"

In "Die Cast X Magazine"
Summer 2014, on Page 66, Collector Profile,
Joe Kelly Jr. wrote, "THE INCREDIBLE FRED"
"Meet Fred Weichmann: Mover, Trucker-and Collector"

In "Die Cast X Magazine"
Spring 2015, page 8, Scale Mail
There is a picture of my toy room, Stating what to do if you wanted to sell a sweet collection like this.

In "The Diecast Magazine Us"
2015, Issue-26, Page-28, 30, & 32,
Editor- Martthew White choose me to be in the Collector's Post.
What is your level of expertise?
Advanced Collector, Long Time Lover, Professional
Why do you want to join Autograph Live?

I started to collected diecast cars (Matchbox, Hot Wheels, and auto racing) and magazines (Model Car Science, vintage Rod & Custom, and Car Craft) in 1961, when I was 6 years old.
In 1985, I received my first autograph, in Chicago, from NASCAR driver, Bobby Allison at the Santa Fe Speedway. I remember afterwards I was a little disappointed at myself because I didn't take a picture of him signing the piece of paper, so I felt that I really didn't have any real proof that he actually signed it.
But that was just the start of now a life long passion of collecting "Picture Proof Autographs"

I started going to store grand openings, book signings, auto races, World Of Wheels, and any where I could, to meet a celebrity for I could receive a autograph and get a picture taken with them. I started taking pictures of every autograph being signed with a Polaroid cameria because I thought that it made a great display with the item that was being signed. I sometimes would get the Polaroid signed too. I later switched to a 35-mm cameria because it was just to expensive to use the Polaroid cameria, I would then cut the negative strips and tape the single negatives to their appropriate picture for total authenticity.

For Example:
I would pay $50.00 for a 3 day pit/garage pass for The Milwaukee Mile Speedway's NASCAR Truck & Busch races which was held there on an off week-end of The Winston Cup series race. At least 8 to 12 Winston Cup drivers would come in to be in those races.
At the race, my car would be filled with collectables that I bought all that year. I would carry a big bag filled with items for every driver to sign & 1 item that they all could sign.
I would have to carry two 35-mm camerias with at least one of the camerias to have 5 photos left in it before I met a driver.
When I met a driver, I would do what I call,"My Autograph Dance". I would try to get at least 4 items signed (1/24th scale diecast, 1/64th scale diecast, a magazine, and a multi autographed item). As the driver was signing, (for he would not realized how much time or how many items he was signing) I would ask him questions about his last race. As he was answering the questions, I would take pictures of every autograph that he signed.
Before taking a self photo with someone was known as a selfie, I then would ask if I could get a picture with him. I would try to get an selfie because it would force the driver to laugh and the developed photo would look like he was your best friend.
Then on to the next driver. When the bag was over half filled with autographed items. I would then go back to the car, empty all the autographed items out, fill the bag back up with new items, and start all over again. I would end up with an average of 250 to 350 of "Picture Proof Autographs" for every 3 day race week-end.

I am a truck driver/mover for Uinted Van Lines. But sometimes I work as a background extra for TV shows, (Early Edition, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Shameless, & Betrayal) and Movies, (US Marshall's, The Lake House, Payback, & Transformers 4), which has also help me meet, take pictures with, and received over 5,000 plus autographs (all with a pictures & negitives, "Picture Proof") from over 1000 celebrities of Hollywood, and Sports (NHRA, NASCAR, INDY, Monster Trucks, Custom Car People, Boxing, Wrestling, Golf, Baseball, Football, LaCross, & Hockey) and anyone else that has had their 15 minutes of frame, specially if they were associated with a toy, diecast, or magazine.

The 5,000 plus autographs that I have recieved from celebrities are on such items as, 1/64th scale diecast (loose & blister packs), 1/24th scale diecast, 1/18th scale diecast, Magazines, Books, Cups, Mugs, Action Figures, Trading Cards, Shirts, Lamp Tables, Banners, Posters, Selfie Photos, Multiple Autographed Items, and etc. which all comes with a picture & negative of the celebrity signing the item, "Picture Proof Autographs".

You can view about 15% of my "Picture Proof Autographs" collection above in my Photo Albums.

Who can we thank for telling you about us?
What are your areas of interest?
Sports, History/Politics, Books/Literature, Modern Hollywood and Stage, Classic Hollywood and Stage, Music, SciFi, Horror, Space/Aviation/Military
Why do you collect?
I can't ever get enough of " Picture Proof Autographs"
The nervousness feeling you get waiting to meet your favorite celebrity. The excitement you feel as the line your in moves close enough that you can see them. The shakiness in your hands as you reach out to shake his hand. The statement that he said to you after you told him you were his biggest fan. The feeling of accomplishment when you view the "Picture Proof Autograph" and the picture of the star and you together that you received when you met your favorite star. That is what you get from an In Person "Picture Proof Autograph", THE STORY.
I think collecting "Picture Proof Autographs" brings me back closer to THE STORY of my past!!

I have never understood the popularity of mail-in-autographs. You never really know if the autograph is genuine. If the person really did signed the item or if it was autographed by auto-pen, or forged by someone else. Nobody actually seen him signed the item. And as I said before, every autograph gets sold at one time or another, if not in your life time, in someone else's. Then you have to spend money to have it authenticated, if you want to sell the autograph for top dollar, or just sell it at a low ball price. Where is the win in this situation? I also feel that the autograph that you have sent away for, does not come back to you with THE STORY as an In-Person "Picture Proof Autograph" does.

The very few items I have sent away to get signed were pictures taken with the celebrity and I together. Those autographed pictures went directly into my personal collection and I will never have to authenticate them because I will never sell them. Who would buy them?
What is your favorite autograph in your collection?
That is one of the hardest questions to answer. Having a collection that consist of mostly all "Picture Proof Autographs" received from celebrities " in person " makes the collection very personalized with each autograph obtained, having THE STORY to go with it. The question is almost like asking a parent, "What child of yours is your favorite?"

What some people don't realized, having a collection of over 5,000 plus "Picture Proof Autographs", there are many sub-collections with-in the main collection.
One of my favorite sub-collection is of 9 autographs from Dale Earnhartd Sr.!!!
He was one of my favorite drivers!!! I am very sorry that he has passed away, But I am very glad that I had the chance to meet him!!!
You can view all 9 Dale Earnhardt Sr. Autographs by going to my photo albums, then album "P) All Earnhardt Autographs"

Other sub-collections which are my favorites and are as personalized and as close to me are:

I have always taken a picture of my family and I in front of real cars of NASCAR, INDY, NHRA, Monster Trucks, Custom Cars, Famous Hollywood TV and Movie Cars whenever we had the chance to see one.
Then, whenever I found that a diecast toy company had made a 1/64th scale diecast blister pack of one of the famous cars that we have stood in front of, I would buy it. Next, I tape the picture of us standing in front of the real car to the front of the blister pack. It makes a great display!!! My family and I have over 300 of the blister packs of us in front of famous cars.

Another personal sub-collection is I have been taken selfies of celebrities and I for years before there were I phones. I would always try to take a picture with the celebrity after I received an autograph. NHRA, funny car driver, John Force taught me how to take a selfie with a 35-mm camera when I tried to get a picture with him when no one was around. The bad thing was you had to wait till you could get the pictures developed to find out If the pictured selfie came out.
Then, I would get that driver/celebrity to signed that photo selfie the next time I had the chance to meet them. I have over 500 signed photos, some that you can view, above in my photo albums marked "M) Photos with Drivers/Celebrities Autographed".

Other sub-collections with-in the main collection are, "All Hot Wheels Autographed", "All McDonald's Items Autographed", " All George Barris Items Autographed", " 1/18th Scale Diecast Autographed", "1/24th Scale Diecast Autographed", and "1/64 Scale Blister Packs Autogaphed", just to name a few.
You can view all of these sub-collections and many more by just going to my photo albums.
You can ask anyone living or dead for their autograph. Who would it be?
Dan Blocker, I remember on my sixth birthday, my dad brought me to Nickey Chevellle, in Chicago, Ill. to meet Dan Blocker " Hoss Cartwright " from the TV show Bananza. He was there because he owned a race car that was sponsored by Nickey Chevellle. I was able to meet him and shake his hand. No autographs or pictures were taken of that day, but I wish we would have!!! Later that day, my dad took me to the hobby shop and my dad said I could pick out any 5 Matchbox cars I wanted for my birthday present. I found a car that looked almost just like Dan Blocker's race car. I would play with those cars for hours and watching Bananza was never the same knowing that I had met Mr. Blocker. I will always remember that great day being with my father and that Dan Blocker was the first autograph that got away, So yes, Dan Blocker, or anyone else that is going to give me my next autograph!!

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At 2:14pm on July 18, 2014, wascher said…

Awesome photos of your collection!  Wow!!!


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