Sale Mickey Mantle Autographed Photo 8X10 With COA

Immediately below are links to previous blogs on Ebay seller Kadstrictlymoose and Usaf-2657.

The aforementioned sellers have been selling forgeries for years.  The majority being The Florida Forgeries.

Beginning in 2022 they began to have "Sales" on forged Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, etc., items.

Below are some screenshots of their sales of forgeries.  These screenshots are just a microcosm of their sales of forgeries.

Just observe the final bid prices of the below forgeries.   

Once again this also confirms just how easy it is to sell forgeries on Ebay.

I have zero sympathy for anyone why buys this garbage.  If you think you're getting an authentic Mantle autograph for $40.00-$60.00 then you are asking to get ripped -off.

You can right-click your mouse on any of the images to get a closer view.

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Comment by Steve Zarelli on January 6, 2023 at 12:00pm

These are all worthless mass-produced fakes as Chris asserts. 

But, it's obvious there are problems with many of these without even looking at the signatures. 

First, many of them are on 4x6 or 5x7 photos. So, think this through logically....

These would have to have been done through private signings. Certainly not in-person or through the mail signatures. So, if someone was paying Mick or Sandy Koufax good money to sign, would they have used 4x6 or 5x7 photos? Not in a million years! It would be balls, bats and 8x10s or larger all day long.

Secondly, many of the photos are poses that were not widely available during their signing days. Did you ever notice that there are a handful of poses you commonly see authentic signatures on? This is because these are the poses that were readily available when these folks did signings. These forgers often use poses that are rare or simply don't exist in authentic form. 

Bottom line is that these are awful fakes and there are MANY red flags. 

Comment by Christopher Williams on January 6, 2023 at 2:27pm

Well written, Steve.  This crap sells every day on Ebay.  The sellers (Kadstrictlymoose and Usaf-2657) are related and they continue to be big sellers of forgeries on Ebay with Ebay's blessing.

Comment by CEE GEE on January 17, 2023 at 2:03pm



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