SANDY KOUFAX 2000 SP Authentic Chirography Autograph Forged Counterfeit

Immediately below are just a few links to my previous blogs on Forged/Counterfeit Sandy Koufax 2000 SP Authentic Chirograph cards.

Unfortunately, and just recently, another forged/counterfeit Sandy Koufax "2000 Upper Deck SP Authentic Chirography" sold on Ebay.

It was sold by Ebay seller 5cowboysb for $202.49.

$202.49 for a worthless piece of cardboard and forged autograph.

Ugly forgery.

Also, check out the chipping on the edges of the front card above.

Here's the back of the card.

Confirmed counterfeit.

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Comment by A on January 30, 2023 at 11:09am

Howdy, I am that seller. I bought all these 4-5 years ago off eBay myself without knowing they were counterfeits—I didn't know there was a market for counterfeits of this type, or that the technology existed to create them ... such as recreating the holos on the back. I've since sent messages to the buyers alerting them of what I now know and have refunded them their money. The only downside is they are still floating around out there. Also, I bought these off a prominent eBay seller; readers should check their collections if they've purchased from said seller in the past: lyonhrt7777, aka "Kingdom of Cards." 

During my buying spree I did actually happen to buy a real one. I notice is a big difference between the fakes and the authentic variety, outside of what's already been mentioned. Check out the coloring of the imagery on the back—the fakes are in more of a sepia tone, while on the real ones the coloring is more grayscale. 

Also, the color of the ink on the front is different. It's a lighter blue on the fakes and a bolder, darker blue on the real ones. 


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