Signing Autographs in Cars -- the Kyle Busch, Johnny Depp Edition

I know, the title of this blog sounds like a Jerry Seinfeld show.

I remember when the Lakers acquired future Hall of Famer Steve Nash. Anybody that knew basketball, knew it was a horrible move. He was old, and injury prone. Yet once he joined the team, he was on the freeway and saw people with a Lakers bumper sticker. He honked at them (he wasn't driving, his friend was). They freaked out when they saw him, and there's video of them handing him a beer, while both cars were traveling 70 mph down the freeway. Can you imagine if the cars were in an accident, and the cops saw cans of beer everywhere?

There's a time I was researching the best stars at signing autographs for our annual Top 10 list, and the collectors/dealers in LA were telling me about how great Johnny Depp was. One of them told me Depp was at a stop sign, and a dealer approached him with about 25 different 8x10s. Depp signed them, mentioning "If there were other cars out here, and a light that turned green, I wouldn't be doing this."

Well, here's the latest. And it's in fun video form!

NASCAR driver Kyle Bush had just won the STP 500 at Martinsville Speedway. You'd think after you win a race like that, a helicopter would fly your ass out. Nope. He had to drive home just like everyone else. And apparently, the roads are a lot more crowded than the track. Here he is stuck in traffic, noticing a woman wearing his hat. He honks, and autographs the hat for the happy fan.

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Comment by Chad B on April 6, 2016 at 7:45am

Johnny sounds like a great guy and signer if you can get near him. I'd like to get an item signed by him but can't tell the real from the garbage.

Comment by Josh Board on April 6, 2016 at 11:19pm

I would NEVER recommend buying an autograph if the star signs funky or sloppy. Al Pacino -- horrible. Depp -- same thing. Unless it's a person you completely trust, just not worth it.


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