I saw the sold-out Conan O'Brien show in San Diego, which he cleverly titled the "Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour."

San Diegan, and national touring singer, Jason Mraz was the music guest. Not as cool as Pearl Jam in Seattle, but he's had a few big hits (but boy "Remedy" an annoying song).

We didn't ask for his autograph before the show, because we weren't sure it was him. After the show, he gave high fives to the 100 of us waiting near his car, but refused to sign any autographs.

I missed sidekick Andy Richter two times in the afternoon, but he took photos and signed autographs for the few people there. After the show, I didn't stick around. There were people that paid $600 a piece for a "meet-and-greet" and after that, I doubted Conan was going to be signing many autographs for the fans outside. And I wasn't in the mood to wait around.

During the show, autographs were brought up. They all joked about what they did for money, and Richter mentioned turning in bottles and cans at the recycling facility. He said, "It was a blow to my ego to find out I didn't get more for them if I autographed them."

On radio autograph news, The Loose Cannons sports show on 570 AM in L.A. had guest host Pat O'Brien (no relation to Conan)...the former Entertainment Tonight anchor.

At one point during the week, O'Brien talked about autographs and memorabilia. He mentioned being a big collector, and the other hosts were giving him a hard time, saying that it's not professional to ask for autographs. One mentioned his wife always wanting things signed for herself or friends, and he refuses. O'Brien said "The best thing about my large collection is...all the autographs I saw signed, so I know they're real. Or the person gave me an item themself."

He talked about getting Wayne Gretzky to sign one of his hockey stickets after he won his 5th MVP award (he would go on to win another two). As he walked through the airport, it surprised him that people were offering him thousands of dollars for the stick.

He also mentions having the shoes Julius (Dr. J) Erving wore in his last NBA game. They are signed to him, with a mention of Star Wars (since one of the films was out at the time).

O'Brien did mention the one cool item that he lit slip through his hands. When Michael Jordan had to wear #45 briefly, it was his last game before going back to #23. The team had all his #45 stuff in a corner and were going to get rid of it. O'Brien walks over and looks at it, thinking he'll take the jersey. He seems Jordan sitting on a bench and he says "If you take any of that, I'll never talk to you again."

He left the stuff there.

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Comment by Robert Babb on April 30, 2010 at 5:07pm
I was wondering if anyone has heard of conans interview about leaving nbc? He takes some pot shots at Jay leno.


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