Hey colleagues,

what is your opinion about this one here? Currently being auctioned at University Archive Auctions:

COAs from John Reznikoff, PSA an JSA...

Thanks for your opinions and best regards


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Hi Markus,

I think it's slam-dunk real, but it's important for me to tell you that University Archives is a marketing client of mine. 

Hello Steve,

thanks a lot for your fast reply! In this case I honestly did not doubt the authenticity at all (cf. the COAs), but was more curious about comments about the bidding price and the beautiful piece itself etc.

I am very interested because I own the exact same 1955 promo photo with Elvis', Scotty's and Bill's (no DJ Fontana!) signatures on the front. I can post it later for reference...

I am always happy to see authentic and wonderful treasures like this one.

Have a great day


This is authentic and from what I see in really good condition. Great item. Will be expensive for sure. 

Hello again,

what do you guys think of this comparable one? Authentic? Any other comments? Elvis, Scotty & Bill signed on front...  I acquired it about 2 years ago.

Thanks for any comment ;-)


Hi Markus,

the first one is without a doubt authentic in my opinion. Great item and in good condition. 
The second one, well, I would not personally feel comfortable with it. In my opinion, there is something wrong with that. Compare the two “love ya Elvis Presley” autographs yourself. The same photo, the same period and yet two completely different signatures. But that's just my opinion. Maybe there are other opinions as well. My "love ya Elvis Presley" autograph - also the same photo, by the way - looks like the first autograph above from the auction.

Best,   Karsten

I agree with Karsten.  Something seems a bit off with the love ya on the 2nd one.  I wouldnt stay 100% no, but wouldnt be 100% comfortable either.

Thanks, John - I really appreciate your evaluation!

Kind regards

Hey Karsten,

okay, I got your point.The "o" in love and the "y" in ya make me more and more suspicious... But the signature itself looks ok to me. You think the Scotty/Bill are real?

I appreciate your evaluation - although you somehow ruined my weekend ;-)

I guess a COA from GEPE (German Elvis Presley Exhibition), the former Museum in Dusseldorf, does not really influcence your opinion...?!?

Thanks and have a great week-end


Hi Markus,

the COA is only a sheet of paper in my eyes. Nothing more, nothing less. 
I just looked at the Elvis autograph with the dedication. Just like everyone else here. Really don't want to ruin your weekend, but already write my honest opinion here. Best, Karsten

Hi Karsten,

you are certainly right with COAs.

But if the person stating the authenticity is trustworthy, I always had a good feeling. And the COA is from Andreas "Andy" Schröer whom I regard as very trustworthy. The autograph belonged to his museum collection before...

He specialised in Elvis Army years, bought complete eye-witness collections (e.g. Sigrid Schutz) and wrote books...

Any thoughts about this topic?

As always, thank you very much! I appreciate your efforts and openness!

Have a happy weekend


PS: You are from Germany, too, aren't you?

Hi Markus,

you are right, I am from Germany. But stating the authenticity is trustworthy with a good feeling doesn't really help you either.

Any thoughts about this topic? Oh yes I have. Believe me. But they wouldn't help you here either.
Please always remember one thing: In my opinion, autographs are not about a good feeling but always about the autograph itself. Does everything fit together in time, for example. Are there other autographs from this time. What do they look like. And so on and so on.
You posted your autograph here for opinions. You have mine now. Really my honest opinion.

Let's see what others maybe might say about your Elvis Autograph.
Have a nice weekend too. Best,   Karsten

I believe Karsten is spot on in his evaluation of both items. The first one is correct

The second item is not



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