Check out these 2 sellers.

Both are selling a lot of fake items. Both are similar autographs. Jordan is identical on both.
Both doing quick auctions. 1-3 days no reserve.
Fake autographs are flying out fast!!

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Attachments: No photo uploads here

all fake. i ended up getting 3 items from her [but was lucky to get 100% money back] - so nothing lost. This was pre membership and in fact she helped me start a mission to find forums where people share the passion on autographs!!

as a person who received 3 items from her - all were in silver exact same sharpie and all positively from same hand... all fakes!!!

Yeah Good that she gave money back. I'm sure they know they are fakes as that's why they doing a quick 3 day auction. And also starting the prices so low. Put that together and you got trouble. Add in the fact as like you said most autos are done with the same pen and same hand, and has 2 accounts.

They say they come with Coa and matching hologram on item. I can't see them in the photos. Did yours come with this?
Most sellers that do this secretly have the ACE sticker hiding.

seller said it had a hologram and certificate and authenticated. I did not even bother to get them authenticated. just had to look at those to know how terribly bad forgeries those were.

wrote to Elio - he refunded [was mistaken on the seller being a girl - just dug up my earlier emails - Elio - italian origin - boy name].

wrote again for return shipping address - never heard back. so i guess those are worthless even to the seller!

attached is my transaction/interaction with 2013walloffame 

this was my refund [one of the 4 sellers] - all thanks to this forum's wealth of knowledge - and guidance from Rich Viola and few others!!

Attachments: No photo uploads here

this was just a month ago... 

other seller who issued refund [with a lot of pain only through paypal escalation] was

this was a big ticket refund close to a grand and managed to get back 100%

have perhaps only 5% fakes in my possession which i binned. rest are all foto / video proof or PSA/DNA or both or my personal belief on the quality of signature/seller etc.

So he knows they are worthless fakes and still selling them.
Did you report him at all?
I've just sent a few on the Jordan's and whitneys that I knew for sure. I don't know the other ones so although I presume they are fake I don't know for. Fact.
I am a seller and buyer both on eBay and I have come to terms that eBay does not really care. They are happy making 10-12% via eBay fees and then PayPal fees. People sell bootlegged fake CDs and what not and eBay just turns a blind eye to the transactions.

He doesn't seem to have any items listed at the moment, but he's done more than his share of damage.  In some instances, everyone who smells a rat (well, ALMOST everyone) has stayed away.

In other circumstances, at least couple people didn't really look at an authentic examples and bid away.

WOW!! TWO Indiana Jones cast signed posters.

Just gotta point out out on that first Indy poster - I'm already a big fan of that Denholm Elliot autograph signed in silver.  Nice.



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