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Two sets of autographs one set on several pieces of paper and the other on an early Brel card. Not sure on the loose set?

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This is something I’m going to say looks good, but I expect to be proved wrong.  

Me too !!!

They all look good to me.

First set looks good. Second set looks bad. Every signature is atypical.

Agree. First set is slightly odd.

I think both sets are good. It looks like the second one was cut up to display all of the signatures horizontally.

they all look good to me

Gary King Authenticated the 3 slips 'so OK id say .

The Postcard is too clean & more worrying Ringo Paul George all done in the same hand IMO 100% exactly the same position and angle ! there's Good live forgers out there & Only a Forger would do that & not live 3 individuals, Id Say Nope.

Is the seller in US?

Looking at this with fresh eyes I think the second set is genuine. Really hit me wrong the other day. 

I think both are OK...

The postcard sold for £6500 including fees 


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