Hi all! I recently purchased this unauthenticated piece signed by McCartney. Please tell me whether you guys think it is real or fake. I took a gamble buying this, winning an eBay auction at a relatively cheap price. The one thing that throws me off with this piece is the fact that the "a" goes right into the "u." There is no hump separating the two. According to the seller, McCartney signed the picture outside of the Liverpool Hilton in 2014, so I guess he could have been in a rush. All in all i think it looks pretty legitimate but I am a beginning collector and wanted to see what some of you guys have to say. Thanks a million!

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I intend this gently. If one is unsure about this autograph, it shouldn't have been bought. While that's generally true with any autograph, it's especially true here. That's because it deviates so far from traditional exemplars that it should clearly tell one, "Avoid me, avoid me." It may be best to stick with other autographs with which the buyer has more familiarity. 

On a different note, McCartney assigned nearly a total ban on signing Beatles items starting in mid-July,  2013.  When he signs these days, the rules are that the item cannot be a Beatles item and that it must be personalized. In the experiences that I have had or have heard of, he has not deviated from this practice.

I won't get into the incorrect placement on the Abbey Road album.

seriously even a little studying of McCartney's signature would have eliminated this immediately. 

I’m very green when it comes to Paul Mccartney signed items but that being said I probably wouldn’t have touched this item with a 10 foot pole! But this forum has way more knowledgeable people then I about signed PM items maybe you found a diamond in the rough but it honestly doesn’t look like the examples I’ve seen or  acquired, all that being said I do hope I’m wrong about this item, 

This was not signed by Paul. Although what is obvious to experienced eyes is not so obvious to those unfamiliar with his signature. Making mistakes is part of the learning curve. And, if you stick with it, will make you a better collector.

Not even close...


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