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I’m extremely excited to share a recent acquisition obtained from Frank Caiazzo. This document is dated July 30, 1969, an exceedingly rare year for Beatles signature sets. It unwinds entanglements between the Beatles and the Estate of Brian Epstein. NEMS Enterprises Limited (Nemperor) had certain alleged interests in the Beatles and some of the Beatles' companies (Lennon Books and George's music publishing company Harrisongs), and the Beatles had some interest in some of Epstein's companies. Both sides are ceding their interests to the other side in this legal document. Additionally, the Beatles and their companies are releasing any claims that they may have against Queenie Epstein and Clive Epstein relating to Brian Epstein's management of the Beatles. It is signed beautifully by all four members of the band and also by Brian's brother Clive Epstein, who assumed control of NEMS after Brian passed away, and also signed his mother Queenie, who had an interest in the management company of The Beatles after her son's untimely death. This was signed on a day the Beatles were busy in the studio doing some overdubs and mixing for the Abbey Road album and settled on the playing order of the Abbey Road “Medley” which happens to be one of my all time favorite pieces of Beatles music.

I now have complete sets (all authenticated by Frank Caiazzo) from the years 63 (2 sets), 64, 65, 66, 67, and 69. Hopefully, I’ll add 68 (very rare) and 62 to my collection someday.

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Wow! What an amazing item.

GREAT piece.....

Can only imagine what this cost! (Unless you want to tell us?)

Fantastic piece!


Absolutely wonderful! And congratulations on your amazing collection of complete sets!


Being a Brit by birth, I'll just say that I've seen less interesting items!!!

Any chance of some close-ups of the four Beatles' signatures? 

Very impressive collection, wonderful.

Any chance to see photos of all of your full sets ?

As requested, my other sets:




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