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A blog stalkers "jealousy" seems to have finally spun out of control.

What I have found in this industry is when dealers work together many findings become more accurate and everyone gains from the discussions.  I work together with many other experts in their field like Jeff Gold, Bill White, Jason and Paul at Tracks, Perry Cox, Tom Kramer and many others when things just don't look right.  We bounce thoughts off each other and exchange exemplars to determine whether or not an autograph is authentic or not.  This site tries to do that too.  I like to see it when people work together and try to figure things out.  Many times I may know the answer to some of the questions but I just stay out and watch them figure it out for themselves.  That is how we learn best.  

Then there is the case of a known "lone wolf" authenticator wannabe that stalks this site and posts page after page of blogs commenting on every move or word that anyone makes on Autograph Magazine Live.  I believe that jealousy is the main thing that makes this stalker-like person comment alone over and over again trying to prove a point.  They then resort to name calling, threats, personal attacks and random gibberish to try to get attention from others and it never seems to work.  He will be the only one to blog nearly 100 posts in 15 days without ever getting a response from others.  I think his fellow bloggers know that it's not worth the effort.

People who blog after drinking are probably the worst of the bloggers.  The alcohol fires them up and they start to ramble and think what they are saying is making sense.  If it doesn't then they get more aggressive in trying to cram their opinion down your throat.  Then when that doesn't work they start to tell you how great they are.  One thing I have learned is that someone who has to tell you over and over how good they are, are probably not as good as they think they are.

There have been some who have tried this on this site and they are removed as it does not help in finding out the truth.  Some have burned too many bridges and will never get the opportunity to learn in an organized and fair fashion but that is the way real progress happens.

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I know of one "lone wolf" authenticator wannabe on this board. I just ignore him.

WOW! JUST WOW!  Just saw this, why didn't I see this earlier? 

You absolutely nailed it roger epperson

I'm pretty sure I know EXACTLY who you were referencing, and unfortunately experienced

him first hand :)


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